Frequently Asked Questions - Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendant

Frequently Asked Questions - Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendant

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Do all the pendants have B.F.I.T.?'

Yes, every pendant is infused with a full spectrum of beneficial vibrational frequencies using our proprietary BioMetric Frequency Infusion Technology.

What Is The Difference Between The Pendants?

Each Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendant has its own unique energy signature based on the crystal it is made of. Read up about the different crystals and choose the one you are most interested in.

Do The Iyashi Pendants Protect From EMFs?

Yes, the Iyashi Pendants are an energy harmonizer so can strengthen your energetic systems against EMFs. They are not as effective as Shieldite but are a great additional form of EMF protection. Learn about the different levels of EMF protection HERE

What makes the Iyashi Pendant different than the Iyashi wand?

Both are infused with the same full spectrum of vibrational frequencies but the Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants vary more depending on the type of crystal they are made of. Each different crystal has its own unique traits which are dominant in the Iyashi Pendant. Also the Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants are designed to be used passively, worn around the neck, while the wand is best used and activated through different techniques.

How long will the Iyashi pendant take to work?

Some people may notice results instantly, while  some may take hours or days before they notice the effects the pendant is having on them. This is because everyone’s condition is different and the Iyashi pendants work on a person’s entire bio-field balancing it.  If your energy is really blocked it may take a while to work.  Patience is required to give the pendant enough time to  break up enough of the blockages for you to feel better.

I can’t feel anything when I hold the pendant. Is it faulty?

No, the pendant is not faulty. Every pendant is tested and certified to work before it leaves our testing facility. As the pendants are more passive we recommend you wear them for at least a week to see the changes in your life. Subtle energy isn’t always something you notice as it can gradually take effect over time but what can be noticeable is when you remove it from your energy field.

How do the Iyashi Pendants work?

The Iyashi Pendants work by changing the frequencies in your energy field from those that can be dysfunctional to more functional frequencies. The vortex created by wearing the pendant facilitates positive change that enhances life and well-being.

How long will my Iyashi Pendant last? Does it have to be recharged?

Your Iyashi pendant should last a life time as long as you properly care for it. This includes cleansing it regularly and avoiding leaving it in strong electromagnetic fields for multiple hours on end.

Can I give my Iyashi Pendant to anyone to use.

We recommend only you use your Iyashi Pendant. Sharing energetic instruments, especially crystals, is not always a good idea as they take on their users’ energy. If you do, make sure to cleanse the crystal afterwards.