Iyashi Bracelet Testimonials and Reviews

Iyashi Bracelet Testimonials and Reviews

My bracelet--  a beautiful Blue Sapphire color-- arrived yesterday, and it practically flew onto my wrist.  I don't every want to remove it.  It's got a light, bubbly energy that, just makes me feel happy! 
FHL, New York City.

I am so grateful for you and this company.   Your products have been such a HUGE benefit to my life and the quality of it,,,,I really do not know where I would be without you !!!!   Do you know that I NEVER get sick with the "bugs" that are passed around from one person to the next?  My friends are catching this one "bug" that blocks up their ear on the one side of their head and it lasts 4-6  weeks - they go to the doctor for antibiotics and nothing helps. I wear my bracelet all day except for when I shower and we are convinced that it has protected us from viral onslaught.....plus the energy we have because of wearing it is wonderful.  I am looking forward to receiving my purple bracelet as my Rose tested it as 100% beneficial for me :)   My black one came in at 75% and the pink 50%.  I want her to test me for the turquoise and green as they are my other two favorites.  I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this company and the products - wish I had stock in it , for sure :)
With a grateful heart - Bonnie

I have never believed in this type of products before but one day my friend shared his Iyashi Bracelet with me because I had a large mosquito bite that was swollen up. After wearing the bracelet for an hour it was completely gone and I was in shock how well it worked.
A few days later I had some deep tissue soreness in my elbow which usually lasts about a full day. Again I put the Iyashi bracelet over the affected area and within 45 minutes I pain free. The fact is this stuff works.

Mark B


I love my Iyashi bracelet and wear it all the time. I noticed that I have more energy and need less sleep. The pain in my wrist (carpel tunnel syndrome) is almost all gone. The bracelets are also very attractive. Glad there are so many colors to choose from as I am planning on buying another one for my other wrist.


I used to be a pretty active person. I played hockey on the weekends, had no problems getting up in the morning, and had fun staying up late all the time no problem. In the past few years, things have gotten increasingly difficult to do. I quit my amateur hockey league team, I stopped going out as much, and getting up in the morning became an ordeal. Since I've gotten this bracelet, I've noticed things improving. I've had it for about five weeks now and I feel pretty good about writing this review. I noticed a change immediately, and every week things have gotten even better. I'm actually feeling so great that I've signed up for a week-long hiking course with my family for this summer, and I've had the energy to start exercising and getting back into that hockey-ready shape that I used to be in. Anyway, this is my way of saying thanks to Iyashi for making the bracelet. I've got to say that I am really happy with it.

Paul Losvik

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