FAQ - Iyashi Bracelet

FAQ - Iyashi Bracelet

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Iyashi Bracelet


What is the difference between the different Iyashi Bracelets?

The Iyashi Bracelets differ in their color which is created by adding different minerals and semi precious gems. These different colors can have a different effect on based on color therapy.

What is the best way to wear the Iyashi Bracelet.

You can wear the Iyashi Bracelet on either wrist although you should try it on both and see which feels better. The Iyashi Bracelets are also polarized which wearing them one way will have an energetic effect and flipping the bracelet 180 degree will give a calming effect. You must try wearing the bracelet both ways to figure out which way is which.

How long does the Iyashi Bracelet take to work?

As blood passes through your wrist wearing the Iyashi Bracelet it is ionized from the negative ions. This means you body will start experiencing results after 4-10 minutes after the blood circulates through your entire body.

I don't feel anything is my Iyashi Bracelet not working?

Your bracelet is working fine, some people are just less sensitive then others and don't notice the subtle energy or negative ions.

What is the difference between an Iyashi Bracelet and other Ionic or Scalar Bracelets?

The Iyashi Bracelets are infused with our powerful full spectrum formula and are made from pure ceramics which have a very high negative ionic output. Other silicon bracelets only use a little ceramic powder or have a single hologram.

Do negative ion or scalar bracelets protect me against EMFs?

Scalar and ionic bracelets can't directly protect you from EMFs but they can strengthen your bio-field in the presence of them.

Can I wear the Iyashi Bracelet in the shower or pool.

Yes you can as it won't damage the infused energies or ionic output. Although high chlorinated water can degrade the elastic which keeps the bracelets held together.

Can i wear the Iyashi Bracelet when I sleep?

Yes you can although some people find it gives them too much energy which makes it hard to fall asleep.