Articles Iyashi Bracelet

Articles Iyashi Bracelet

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Articles on the Iyashi Bracelet


What Are Ions?

Ions are tiny particles that have an electric charge. Normally in nature, we find a few hundred to a few thousand of these ionic particles per cubic centimeter of air. These small particles take on either a positive, negative or neutral charge…… READ MORE


Negative ions and Asthma

We’ve talked about negative and positive ions, what they are and how they affect you. Positive ions are known to make asthma symptoms worse. You only have to live in places like Calgary…..READ MORE


Negative Ions And Sports Performance

We all know that to be on top of your game, whether you are a runner, a baseball player or a skier, you need to be fit, healthy and have good lung function. Eating right and exercising are only part of the equation……READ MORE