Iyashi Chakra Stone

That Iyashi Chakra Stone which i got from you awhile back, I've been using for about 6 months now. My fridge has 3 shelves and a crisper, I put it in the center on the top shelf...it just sits there and does this miraculous thing, meaning it keeps my food fresh from 3x - 5x longer. I am so amazed every time i open my fridge...celery still there, salad spinach still there, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms...nothing wilted and the taste is amazingly still intact. Its probably cut down on my food wastage bill by about 30% to 5% or less. No mold on foods, plus no odor in the fridge whatsoever...I thought that is what it is for, but this fresh food a super bonus plus!!

Nathan B
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