Why Use an Iyashi Chakra Stone

You’ve heard us talk about energy and how energy affects everything. Frequency is energy and the vibration that you resonate with will affect how much vitality you have, how sharp your thinking is, how good your memory is, how well you sleep, how healthy your body is, how efficient your energy system is and how you react to your environment and your world. One of the most important aspects of energy and your energy field is how clear your energy system is will determine how things manifest in your life…or not.

Chakras are the energy gateways that funnel energy to different parts of your energetic system and your body. Clearing your chakras and causing them to vibrate at an appropriate frequency will break up congestion in the chakra gates and allow your innate energy to clear debris. The purpose of doing this is so life is more harmonious and clear, rather than chaotic and cluttered. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your life, it usually reflects in your energy system and blockages there.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish a clearer energy field is with a device like the Iyashi Chakra Stone. By laying flat on your back with your head on a pillow or however you are comfortable and placing the stone on each of your chakras and imagine you are breathing into each of the chakras will activate the chakra and energy will begin to move more efficiently. If you are sensitive to energy, you may feel a tingling or a buzzing in your field in the region of the chakra that spreads in all directions from the center. If you don’t feel anything, it doesn’t mean its not working. It just means your body is not sensitive enough yet to pick up the sensation, a result of blockages in the chakras and other parts of your energy field.