Why Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wands Are Good For You

For at least 25 years now, Chinese and Japanese researchers have been studying the health benefits of far infrared, magnetic, and piezoelectric therapies on health and healing. Their research shows the healing benefits for a wide number of issues, particularly discomfort. Although large doses of infrared, particularly in a good quality infrared sauna, have huge benefits for the body, small localized benefits can be obtained from using the Iyashi Wand. Zero point energies restored by the fields in the Iyashi Wand, have been shown in studies to have positive effects on improving health and vitality.

The innate qualities of the proprietary contents, combined with our I.I.T. , can have profound effects on local areas of the body. Improved blood circulation and oxygenation of localized tissues has been noted in studies. Where tissue damage is apparent, discomfort reduction results from increased blood flow and oxygenation of local tissues. The reduced discomfort improves stress levels and improves sleep. With the resulting discomfort reduction, the individual notes improved joint mobility and range of motion. Of course, any improved comfort levels and the ability to relax more is of great benefit as well.

Localized conditions have been shown great promise of improvement in research with the Iyashi wand. The wand seems to work by reducing stagnation in tissue structures. The zero-point field restoration seems to have a very positive effect on cleaning up localized areas like face, joints, and so on.

Repetitive stress injuries and the accompanying numbness and pain can be greatly improved by reducing inflammation and improving circulation. As a repetitive stress injury, Carpal Tunnel sufferers have increased swelling, nerve signal reduction and decreased blood flow to the hands and wrists. By working at improving the condition of the tissues, the symptoms are relieved as the condition of the wrists improve. By continuing to look after the inflammatory response, symptoms may not reoccur.

There are so many uses for the Iyashi Wand that would take many more pages to describe. As a health care practitioner, I am encouraged that my clients can get off their medications and have a better quality of life as a result of using the Iyashi wand. I continue to do research to positively affect medical and health conditions in my clients. Our team is dedicated to improving health and comfort in people, no matter what their condition presents. The Iyashi Wand is a tool that may assist some people to feel better and improve their quality of life.