Why And How To Clean Your Shieldite

A lot of the devices that protect you from transverse electromagnetic frequency radiation give off some sort of disruptor energy. Depending on the device will depend on what the emitted energy is. Shieldite on the other hand doesn’t give off anything. It absorbs only. It is filled with tiny bubbles that absorb the negative transverse frequencies and traps them inside itself. This is why it is necessary to clean it every day or so. That doesn’t mean that the EMF trapped inside the Shieldite is going to harm you regardless, but when it is ‘full’, it cannot hold any more and needs to be discharged.

The fastest, easiest way to clean your Shieldite it to place in on the metal base of one of your faucets for about 15 to 20 minutes every 36 to 48 hours to empty it. The taps and pipes in your house are grounded and thus provide a convenient and efficient vehicle for grounding your Shieldite.

This is the only product out of several dozen that have passed Dr. Ross Andersen’s advanced kinesiology testing . Over the years, he has tested many dozens of products which have actually proved disappointing. Shieldite is an effective ‘filter’ for transverse EMF radiation from infrared saunas, electric ionizers, cell phones, fridges, high tension power lines, wall outlets, microphone headsets, clock radios and other electrical appliances and devices. There are items that you wear, place on your cell phone and in your environment.