Which Zero Point Energy Wand Is The Best?

Science is changing every day so there are always new and exciting developments. The science as it stands is the pure, factual product of research and development. What happens sometimes, though, is greedy, unscrupulous people who twist the facts to suit their own gains. They want the money. It actually amazes us what some people will do to make money. We find them shocking.

what is the best zero point energy wand

Anyone who claims to have the best wand on the market is saying so based on their own opinions. They don’t have the instruments to test all the other wands on the market, nor the resources to buy them all and have them tested by an independent, unbiased, outside source. We hired someone to test all the wands we purchased so we know what we’re talking about.

Each of the 300 or so wands we had tested ranged in strength, frequency, appearance, weight, and effectiveness. They fell into ten ranges which translated into ten groups of wands. We know there are around five different manufacturers worldwide that sell to a few dozen distributors, also worldwide. Some of those distributors sell almost identical products with a few distributors selling what we will politely call a “novelty product”, that is different internally than the other products sold. The “identical products” have such a wide range of characteristics–the most important being effectiveness– that we find very few, even within a single company, that we could say they are the best. It’s a crap shoot really. You pay your money and you take your chances.

Our wands are purchased from a distributor, shipped to us, then re-engineered and individually tested to make sure that they meet our high standards of consistency and effectiveness. You decide whose zero-point energy wand is the best. We call our wands the Original Iyashi Wand for a reason.