What is Zero-Point Energy? How Can it Heal You?

When you build a house you need a framework to build it on. Everything in the Universe is the same. When scientists strip everything away, zero-point energy is what is left. It is the fundamental energy found in a quantum mechanical physical system. It is the basis on which everything else is built and it makes up what is called the zero-point field. Albert Einstein and Otto Stern brought this concept to the world in 1913.

Since then, scientists have been theorizing and testing aspects of this science that could have applications to benefit our lives. They know that if the framework of the house is perfect you can build a perfect house. The applications of zero-point energy are endless, but the most rewarding and compelling evidence comes from the field of health.

Everything is energy. Scientists have known this for a long time. Even our bodies are energy and like the framework for the house, our bodies have a basic energetic framework that governs our size, shape, looks and state of health. Most of your framework is designed by your genetics. Your particular architect takes the blueprints and makes you into who you are. But geneticists show only about 35 percent of what goes in you is genetic and you can’t change, the other 65 percent you can. It is influenced by your dietary habits, activity level, immune system function and the environment you live and work in.

Like any framework, your zero-point field is subject to damage and when that happens, you end up with health problems, pain, illness and disease. There is a disruption in your basic electromagnetic framework. What if there was a way to restore your framework to its ideal state? Well, thanks to scientists again, we know that everything has resonance and can be restored back to its original condition by bringing two tuning forks together, in other words, bringing a zero-point field generator energy transference device close to the area of disruption. When we do that, your zero-point field is restored. The Original Iyashi Wand is exactly that. It restores your electromagnetic blueprint where you point it. If you clip the wand or wear one of our full spectrum pendants, the effect will be increased. The theory of the zero-point field is brought into play by harmonizing your field with the zero-point field in the wand. The wand field is not influenced by other factors so it remains fixed. Your field moves to become in resonance with the wand and change happens… naturally.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what is possible once the energetic framework has been restored. If you have less than stellar health you should contemplate whether this technology is right for you. If you believe it is, as I do, you can go to the product page and order your Orignal Iyashi Zero-Point Energy Framework-Restoring Wand. To view our other outstanding products, check our our products link at the top of the page.