What is Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology?

B.F.I.T.(Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) is the latest new and improved proprietary process developed by our Iyashi Research and Development team. It is a bioresonance technology that works with each individual’s vibration. It will calibrate uniquely with each person and the resulting energy signature will be as individual as the photograph of the iris of their eye. Kirilian photography is used to measure the individual results. B.F.I.T. is based on the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics as it applies to zero-point and scalar energies.

When our bodies are healthy and happy, they are said to be in a homeostatic state, in harmony with the surrounding environment. When our water intake is optimum and our diet is neutral to alkaline in pH, we are able to interact efficiently with the zero-point field and restore deficiencies in our electromagnetic and electrochemical nature, almost automatically. This harmonization affects us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. When our energy exchange with the Universal fields is less than efficient, we feel less energetic, our mood changes, and we notice that we don’t feel as well as we used to. This reaction is in response to environmental stimuli, such as a disagreement with someone, a car accident, poor diet, not enough rest, worry, and stress.

The innate part of us, that is our natural intelligence, can draw from the infinite energy pool in the Quantum Field. The particles in the Quantum Field are called ergon particles and they are drawn into the body and distributed where they are needed, by the body’s energy system of chakras, meridians and nadis. This provides the body with a constant stream of vital energy that, over time, cleanses, rejuvenates and vitalizes the tissues of the body. The 70 to 90 millivolts that the healthy body hums along at is maintained, preserving the body’s ability to repair, protect and rejuvenate itself.

B.F.I.T. is like two tuning forks, one in your body and one in the Iyashi Wand. The Iyashi Wand is calibrated to provide optimum health benefits within a specific frequency range. It is like an activated tuning fork. When it comes close to the body, the body starts vibrating at the specified frequency. This allows the localized part to release toxins, rejuvenate cells, improve immunity, improve circulation, and release pain, in addition to releasing disease. The perfect analogy is a fast and a slow moving river. The fast moving river carries the debris, silt, logs, and garbage with the current and deposits it in the ocean, outside the river. The slow moving river gets clogged with the debris, silt, logs, and garbage all along its course. Soon, over time, there is no room for the water to flow and it becomes stagnant.

Your body is the same. There needs to be a healthy flow of energy in and through your body. Science has shown that most of your body is empty space, yet it is filled with ergon particles from the quantum field that the body uses as fuel , in addition to the food you eat. B.F.I.T. is the tool that keeps the invisible part of your energy system finely tuned and in good working order. It keeps you healthy and vibrant, full of energy and ready to rock your world.

The amazing thing about B.F.I.T. is that it can calibrate your water, food and supplements so that you get the maximum benefit from it. The scalar technology combines with the B.F.I.T. enabling substances to retain the B.F.I.T. memory. (See the scalar energy article.)

If you have a hard time staying healthy or notice that you are more tired than you should be, you may need an energetic support to help you return to homeostasis. To be fit, you may need B.F.I.T.