Using Zero Point Energy To Produce The Best Human Biofield

The biofield is the field of energy in which your body resides. It is the energetic pool that feeds your body and maintains your health and vitality. But if your energetic pipes called meridians, are clogged with toxic debris from your environment, lifestyle and food choices, then your well-being may feel not so well. It is very subtle at first, then it becomes more noticeable as you get older.

Most people eat for energy. They notice that they are tired or listless so they start to eat and they eat mostly the wrong things. They are not hungry, they just need an energy boost so they eat sugars and starches, junk food, and drink sodas and coffee. This gives them a momentary energy boost then they crash again.

You do get a percentage of your energy from the food you eat but the rest comes from the energy fields that surround you. There are a few different types of energy that help you to feel happy, vital and invigorated. We have talked about them in various other articles – scalar energy, zero-point energy, longitudinal electromagnetic waves, prana, and chi. Since the average person doesn’t know how to channel and direct those energies for their own good, science has designed an instrument that will do it for them. It is called a zero-point energy wand.

The wands that do work, work the same way. They draw on the infinite energy surrounding you and direct it to where you point the wand. As the wand moves, the space in which the wand moves is filled with the innate phase-locking energies from the field. It brings your body to phase-lock with the surrounding fields – a more balanced and harmonized state scientists call homeostasis. You feel better, more energized and more vitalized. There is no better feeling than being on top of your world.

Now, we caution everyone to really research what is being said on a lot of the websites. Some websites change their content every few days and actually contradict what they have just removed. Some websites are one of a group of websites owned by the same person. They just want your sale, folks. They don’t care how they get it.

We caution you to do your homework. Talk to the site owners and get a feel for what they tell you. Some of the products on the market are absolute junk. Read what is on the site. Check back in a day or two to see if the same information is on the site or if it has changed, but please, please, please be careful what you buy. We want you to make informed decisions that are best for you so that you can be on top of your world.