Using Zero Point Energy On Your Feet To Heal Your Body

Did you know that every organ and every part of your body is mapped out on your hands, feet, and ears? It’s true. In the practice of reflexology and acupressure these maps are used to make parts of the body feel better. By massaging different points on the hands, feet,and ears you can make a particular part of the body feel better.

An easier way is the use the Iyashi Wand and let the zero-point and scalar energy reset the frequency for you. The reason for illness, pain and disease boils down to frequency. For example, if you have a sore kidney, you look on the foot chart (in the sidebar under charts) and find the location on the foot where the appropriate kidney is and then use the wand to correct the imbalance on that exact point.

By using these remote places to reset the imbalanced frequencies, it makes it easier to get direct access to the body part that is out of balance. If you have a sore back, for example, it is difficult for someone to touch your back without causing you more pain. If you have mobility issues, it may be easier to use the points on the feet to give you greater comfort.

If the feet are sensitive, it makes that much more sense to use the Iyashi Wand to restore health to a particular organ or body part. If you cannot get at the body part with the wand, the feet are the next ideal place to gain access.

If you are flexible, you can self-administer the wand energy to your own feet. By using the chart, you can pinpoint the area you want to work on, then use the wand to correct the imbalance. It is a good idea to use the wand as many times as is necessary until the symptoms disappear.

If you cannot use the wand yourself, ask someone to help you. The chart is quite easy to follow and you should have no trouble finding the place where you want to work. If in doubt, have someone push on the spot on your foot. If the right place is pressed, it will be sore.

Each spot should be wanded for between 3 and 10 minutes. Move the wand in a clockwise direction on the right foot, just above the skin and in a counter-clockwise direction on the left foot, just above the skin. For a complete set of instructions, see the article “How to Use the Original Iyashi Wand”. Use the wand as many times a day as you need. There are no contraindications or side effects.

So twirl away and let your feet heal your body. You can also use your hand as each hand and foot corresponds to the same side of the body. The left kidney is shown on the left hand and foot and the right kidney is shown on the right hand and foot. Pretty soon, you’ll have a good story to tell your golfing buddy.