Using The Iyashi Wand To Heal Gout – Zero Point Energy Wand

If you have gout or you know anyone with gout you know how very painful it can be. Gout is a buildup of acidic waste in the body that usually becomes noticed in the extremities, particularly the big toe or the thumb. Other places in the body can be affected as well, but the fact is it is so unpleasant, most people will do whatever it takes to get rid of this inflammatory condition.

Gout has usually been treated with pills in the past with a general reduction in discomfort as long as you are taking the pills. Sometimes the pills just create a fleeting hope as they do not effectively break up the acidic congestion that causes the searing pain.

There is a lot of information on gout on the internet and how it is formed so there is lots of research material for you to read. The important things is how to get relief. One of the most effective natural ways is the Iyashi Wand.. The Iyashi wand breaks up the energetic congestion that causes the acidic build-up in a particular area. If you watch the video of wanding Art’s Toe you can see how in approximately 20 minutes Art’s pain is almost gone. It works faster than medication. Art’s toe was in a severe state of gout. He came in limping badly, wearing open sandals because he couldn’t stand anything touching his toe.

Art took home a wand and was able to wear normal shoes again and walk normally. It is the most wonderful feeling to be able to function normally and even get into bed without wanting to scream. The Iyashi Wand helps reduce gout symptoms dramatically. Just ask Art.