Using The Iyashi Wand to Heal Body Pain Caused by Stress

People react to stress differently. Of course not all stress is bad and some people even thrive on stress. It makes their world more exciting and it motivates them to be enthusiastic and involved. Some people, however, struggle with stress. Unfortunately, stress cannot be avoided; it’s part of life. So how does stress invigorate some and sicken others?

When you experience stress, there are a series of complicated reactions that take place inside the body. If you are bungee jumping for the first time, it is different than if you have a short time-line for completion of a complicated project. You will probably find the bungee jumping a huge adrenalin rush and a lot of fun, even though you have to get up your courage to jump in the first place. Your project on the other hand may be enjoyable to do but the time factor creates pressure to perform.

Whatever the cause of stress, there are three stages. An adaptation syndrome occurs which has three distinct stages. First, there is a ‘general alert’ to man the battle stations. An alarm reaction amasses itself in the body and the brain sends urgent messages to your hormone system to prepare for ‘flight or fight’. Hormones surge through the body preparing it for action. If the stress ends, the body reverts to its calm state.

If the stress keeps the body on high alert, you enter stage two, the “protection” stage. The body tries to compensate and adapt to the stress, or fight it. You are instantly ready to spring into action by tensing your muscles, ready to run or face the threat. Your body temperature goes up, along with your blood pressure. In addition, your heartbeat may rise in anticipation of the confrontation. Unfortunately, the foe is often invisible. It becomes a struggle to stay in this place of high alert. The body is so tense symptoms soon develop, the most common of which is pain. If you can work through the stress and return to normal, you begin to feel better. The body repairs the damage caused by the irritation and inflammation of prolonged stress.

If this stress continues, the hormones are depleted and the body becomes exhausted. As the inflammation and irritation rises and the muscles become sore and exhausted from the tension, the body begins to decline into ill health. All of the defenses of the immune system are depleted and the body hurts. Headaches and sore necks are very common and need to be resolved. Survival becomes paramount, as all the body wants to do is sleep and get some relief.

The most common practice is to medicate, either with pharmaceuticals or over-the-counter products. If you can get a good professional product, adrenal support supplements work well. Pain medications have so many side effects. You may want to ask your health care professional about the Iyashi Wand to help you feel better and sleep better. Your body will need to have enough rest and rejuvenation so you can recover from your exhaustion and pain. The Iyashi Wand may just be your answer.