Using The Iyashi Wand to Bring Out The Healer Within You

Florence had had a rough week. She had been on her feet all day for several days in a row and her left leg looked like it belonged to an elephant. It wasn’t particularly painful, although occasionally her knee felt like someone stabbed it with a knife, then it was gone. The problem was her knee was swollen and wouldn’t bend very well. There was obviously something very wrong. She went to the doctor and had an x-ray but nothing showed. The doctor didn’t see the necessity of doing an MRI so there she was with a prescription for anti-inflammatories and another doctor’s visit the following week.

Florence was quite upset. She really didn’t want to take medication for her knee. Somehow it just didn’t feel right. She decided to do her own research. She got on the internet and started looking up knee problems and conditions. She knew that she had not injured it recently but she remembered falling out of a tree when she was eight years old and banging up one of her knees. She was trying to remember which one when our website popped up on the search engines. She was curious so she clicked in.

The funny part of the story was that for some unexplained reason she felt so compelled to buy our Iyashi Wand and she really didn’t know why. She told us over the phone that it was like someone was in her fingers madly typing in her information and demanding expedited shipping. She also spend over two hours reading our articles and secretly wondering if she had really lost her mind.

On the day that the wand arrived, she took it out of the package and started playing with the wand around her knee. She said she noticed tingling in her knee and it started to get warm. She also noticed that she was starting to relax and feel very peaceful. After a while she felt thirsty so she got up off the chair and realized that her knee didn’t feel as tight and stiff. As she moved about her kitchen, she really started to notice that her knee felt like it was draining. It was an odd feeling but she felt that it was fine.

She wanded her knee again in the evening because she noticed that it was feeling somewhat better and she figured it wouldn’t hurt. To her surprise the next morning, her knee was almost all better. There was still a bit of stiffness and some internal swelling but she couldn’t understand how much better it felt.

Florence kept wanding her knee off and on in the coming weeks and now is beginning to understand that not everything has a physical origin that can be fixed with pills. She is typical of what goes on with people and it is encouraging to see people step out of their comfort zone to try something slightly unconventional and perhaps out there. The important thing to remember is that Florence has started to become her own healer which is innate in her and all of us.