Using Scalar Energy For Healing The Zero Point Field

Everything is composed of energy: rocks, trees, your kitchen counters, your floors, and especially your body. Everything vibrates at its own frequency. When you are healthy, your body cranks out between 70 and 90 millivolts. When it drops you begin to feel unwell; then illness and disease can result. Unfortunately, the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies have not yet developed a pill for that.

Every day, you eat food and your body converts the chemical energy from that cheeseburger and fries into electrical energy that runs the body. The fuel goes into the furnace and is then converted to electrochemical energy which the body uses to run itself efficiently. Just like a car, the energy created is only as good as the gas you put in it. Put in low quality fuel and the car runs roughly; put in good quality fuel and the car runs efficiently. Your body is no different.

The quality of the fuel, totally depends on the source of the energy. Obviously that cheeseburger and fries produces a different quality of energy than a chicken vegetable stir-fry. The energy that your body creates has both particles and waves. The waves have height (frequency) and depth (amplitude). The better the quality of food is, the stronger the waves in you will be. This science has been around for some time.

Scalar waves were first theorized in the early 1800s by using mathematical formulae. Almost 50 years later Nicola Tesla built devices that used scalar energy without leaving any appreciable records when he died. It took another hundred years for science to reconstruct Tesla’s technology so it could be tested and applied to practical applications today.

The term scalar waves is actually a misnomer; scalar energy is a much better term. Two 180 degree-opposite waves, which are perpendicular to each other, are generated. These waves actually fill a field rather that travel in linear wave patterns. A more elaborate explanation would just cause confusion. For those who are interested, look up “mobius pattern”.

The difference between low voltage scalar energy and the hertzian waves created by your food or by an electrical current is that scalar waves are much more powerful and versatile. First of all, scalar energy is more field-filling than wave-like. It does not run along wires, nor does it shoot out in beams. This is important in terms of healing and restorative health.

Low voltage scalar energy also passes through solid objects without any loss of intensity. It is a potent re-generator of health. It can move through the different densities in your body and restore healthful frequencies right down to the cellular level.

Studies show that people who are suffering from serious and terminal disease have a large reduction in the millivolts that are registered in their bodies. Some people have been recorded as having a reading as low as 20 millivolts and are still able to have some function in life. Because low voltage scalar energy has the ability to imprint solid objects, it has the ability to improve the millivoltage generated by cells, just like any electrical field, thus improving health. Unfortunately, not all electrical and electromagnetic fields are healthy for the body. Scalar energy has benefits for a sick body particularly, in addition to having the ability to keep a healthy body well.

One of the advantages of scalar energy is that it can regenerate and repair itself indefinitely. Since most of the body is liquid, the movement of liquid throughout the body can carry and transport scalar energy from one localized point to all areas of the body where it will regenerate and multiply. By continuing to add scalar energy to the body, health is restored and maintained until the body is strong enough to retain its healthful function on its own.

Tachyons, radionics and even pyramids are examples of scalar energy. The most interesting example of a scalar/zero-point device is the Iyashi wand. It has the capacity to send its low voltage scalar waves right into the crystalline structure in the cell walls as well as the many liquids and collagen structures between the cells. This is where the charge starts reversing the deterioration that happens as a result of the loss of their millivolt charge.

There are various instruments that can measure scalar energy and its retentive qualities. The most popular is Kirilian photography, which measures the strength of bio-electric fields. It has been noted that the intensity of the bio-energetic field of an ill person who uses the Iyashi wand is noticeably increased, to the point that the person notices they are feeling better.

The Iyashi Wand looks like a pen. It has been infused with our I.I.T. proprietary technology unique in the wanding community. Our wand is a scientifically engineered instrument that can improve health and quality of life, without pills or side effects. Scalar energy gives new hope to people trapped by deteriorating health. Thank you, Nicola Tesla!