Thermal Impact of Cordless and Mobile Phones

Risky microwaves are given off by cordless and mobile phones  and wi-fi devices that produce heat in addition to dangerous levels of EMF radiation. It is actually the wave frequency that does the most harm. Just as a microwave can cook your food, so can your phone cook your brain cells. This may seem like an exaggeration but the strongest radiation comes from where the antenna is closest to your head.

The thermal impact is what happens to cells that are exposed on a chronic basis to these types of radiation. The cells of the body exposed to this radiation are bombarded with fields that disrupt their ability to function normally.

The worst risk comes from the bases of the cordless phones. The cradle where you replace the phone to charge it constantly irradiates  the space around itself for quite a distance. The radiation two meters away from a standard cordless phone base has been measured at 2.5 volts per meter which is 50 times stronger than what is regarded as a safe level. The current recommendation is to keep a cordless phone base at least three rooms away from where you sleep to prevent even more chronic exposure.

Keeping a cordless phone base away from your desk is also highly recommended to prevent the thermal impact from affecting your body and limiting your exposure to these harmful fields. Keeping Shieldite rocks or decorative pieces around your phone bases is highly recommended to reduce the exposure you  experience as a result of being near these devices. Shieldite pendants are also a valuable protection that can be worn.