The Iyashi Wands Far Infrared Health Benefits

Far Infrared rays were discovered by NASA to be the most beneficial light wave. Its benefits include: improved lymph flow, increase, micro-circulation and increased bio-availability of nutrients and oxygen. In significant quantities, this soothing heat penetrates deeply into the body.

In the “Scientific Basis and Therapeutic Benefits of FIR Therapy”, Dr. Kyuo observes that FIR can destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Dr. Toshiko Yamazaki states, “Far infrared waves have the ability to remove toxins which are at the core of many health problems.” That is why far infrared saunas are such a holistic way to detox and repair the body.

Certain conditions like acne and sore joints, for exampl,e benefit from a smaller concentrated source of infrared, like the Iyashi Wand, which points and concentrates infrared energy, as well as other energy types in the direction of the rounded tip of the wand. The concentration of infrared is fairly low, but it is enough, in combination with the other properties of the wand, to make significant changes in how you feel.

Other infrared benefits include: reducing peripheral blood pressure (that is the blood pressure at the skin surface) while dilating and improving blood circulation. Far infrared can open pores so they can release their toxins, especially from the chemicals found in cosmetics and cleansing products for the face and hair, as well as household cleaning products. It has been estimated that the average woman adds five pounds of toxic chemicals to her body every year by what she puts on her body, face and hair and with household cleaning products.

Japanese research has shown that Far Infrared rays negate the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, like those from cell phones, computers, and high tension power lines. By using our various wanding techniques with the l Iyashi wand around the head and shoulders, your body releases the toxic effects of EMF radiation.

By using the Iyashi wand on a regular basis, the body begins to shed all kinds of problems that you have learned to live with over time. If you clip the wand to your clothing, your energy begins to shift into a more positive and happy place. Little aches and pains seem to disappear and stiffness decreases. You are simply different and life eases enough that you can be more of a participant than an observer.