The Benefits of Piezoelectricity to Your Health

Piezoelectricity is a quality that some crystals, gemstones and ceramic materials have to generate a voltage when mechanical pressure is applied to them. Pyroelectricity in stones and crystals was the precursor of piezoelectricity. It was actually written about by Theophrastus in 314 BC when he discovered that Tourmaline became electrically charged when it was heated.

In modern times, piezoelectricity was named in the early 1800’s when it was discovered that cane sugar, certain types of salt crystals, tourmaline, quartz, and topaz became electrified under pressure. The quartz and the salts became the most electrified.

Because of the piezoelectrical qualities of quartz, it is used in clocks and watches to oscillate the working mechanisms of time pieces. It is also used in radio transmitters and receivers and even in computers to create the clock pulse.

Since the discovery that quartz held an electric charge many other stones, minerals and crystals have been found to be piezoelectric. They include Titanium, Magnetite, Bastnasite, Epistilbite,Topaz, Boracite, Shieldite, Germanium, Gmelinite-Na, Celadonite, Meliphanite, Colemanite, Natrolite, Scolecite, Tugtupite, Tourmaline, Rhodizite, Neptunite, Searlisite, Suolunite, and Wulfenite.

In our modern society we are exposed to a wide range of transverse EMF/ELF radiation from everything electrical in the house, including computers, cell phones, clock radios and TVs. This exposure can cause mental confusion, fuzzy thinking, mental and physical stress and a number of illnesses and disorders. As if electrical exposure didn’t cause us enough problems we have all of the environmental and food chain pollutants and chemicals that add to the ever increasing free radical load in the body. The toxins and pollutants, in addition to the electrical soup, can adversely affect the bio-electric current in the body.

Piezoelectric stones, minerals and gemstones seem to possess certain electrical properties that can help restore the proper bio-electric functions of the body. They produce longitudinal EMF waves which are actually healing and beneficial to the body. By using products like a zero-point energy wand on the body in the prescribed way, the electrical nature of the red blood cells can be normalized and they flow freely without stacking or sticking together. This can improve oxygenation and nutrient delivery. Pain releases as the innate flow of energy in the body is restored. The stuck energy in the meridians is released so pain can begin to disappear.

When the electrical nature of the body is restored, energy levels can improve, mental alertness and cognitive function can return to normal and the fuzziness seems to disappear. There are even reports that symptoms have changed and people are more than pleased that they are feeling better.

Additional beads in some zero-point energy wands have far infrared qualities in addition to magnetic qualities. These properties will be discussed in subsequent articles so you can get a better understanding how using natural products like a zero-point energy wand on your food, beverages and your body can give you a whole new approach to health.