Rejuvenate Yourself With An Iyashi Wand

The magic of the Iyashi Wand is that it looks like a pen, but it isn’t. It is also a bit heavier than a pen. You can clip it to your clothing and what’s inside the wand will work its magic all day. The secret to the Iyashi Wand lies in what’s inside it and what has been done to what’s inside it.

Everything in the universe is alive with energy. Even rocks are alive, they just vibrate at a much slower frequency than people. Everything is connected. The secret to the connection we feel is a process called scalar wave phase-locking. It is a natural phenomenon in which the innate zero-point field, brings everything within it into harmony by locking the stationary scalar waves together. All innate intelligence moves into and through these waves.

As a healthy person, you should be vibrating at between 70 and 90 millivolts. When your vibration starts to drop, you may have symptoms of tiredness or illness. The energy framework on which everything in the universe is built is called the zero-point energy field. When these locked scalar waves come out of phase-lock, we start to notice symptoms. Rebuilding a healthy energetic structure on the zero-point energy framework when recovering from an illness or a chronic condition is important to your well-being. Scientists are just beginning to unravel the mysteries of the energetic world. What they do know, however, is based on the zero-point energy principles, the energy can be altered and restored to its original form or blueprint. The classic example is if you get a paper cut, the body will repair it and in a few days you won’t even be able to find where it was. The innate memory of the phase-locked scalar waves is not lost when the finger is cut and can restore the finger to the way it is supposed to be. If the phase-locking mechanism is damaged somehow, it needs help to ‘remember.’

But what happens if something is bigger than a paper cut and you may not even be able to see it on the surface of the body? If you’ve had a car accident, for example, chances are your energy field has been damaged by losing phase-lock as well as your physical body is now hurt. In order to heal properly, your energy framework needs to be restored so that your body can heal itself so you become symptom-free. If you have recurring pain, the energy pipelines, called meridians, could be damaged, blocking the movement of the energy that keeps you healthy and pain free. Once the energetic pathways have been restored and repaired, symptoms generally cease.

Even if you haven’t had an injury, as we age we get free radical damage that can affect our DNA. DNA is the code that the body uses to make new cells. Each code tells the cell whether it is a liver cell, a bone cell or a blood cell and also tells that cell what to do. We have thousands of different cells in the body, each one with a specific use and function. Free radical damage ages cells and tissues so after the age of 40 we don’t quite look and feel as young as we used to. As we get older, the damage accumulates. Science has shown us how to repair the free radical damage, in addition to helping the body heal from injury.

The Iyashi Wand is a fine scientific instrument that helps return the innate phase-locking memory in addition to being able to re-energize cells at the molecular level. The energetic components in the wand, in addition to the re-engineering of the wand with B.F.I.T.(Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology), allows the cells to remember their original design and function. The Iyashi Wand helps restore the energetic blueprint. The results can be amazing. Your sleep could improve, you could have less stress, or you may experience more stamina and vitality. You may even notice that you don’t look as haggard and worn out. Your pain might just disappear. Your body may even feel more relaxed with less muscle tension and stiffness.

The magic of the Iyashi wand is that it actually works with the liquids of the body. Since your body is approximately 70 percent water, it is easy to see how effective the wand can be to refresh and rejuvenate your cells and ultimately your body.

You can also energize your food so that your body is better able to utilize it. The wand cannot make cheap wine taste better, only leaving it to breathe can do that. Nor can it make lemons taste sweeter, although the bottom half of a lemon is sweeter than the top. But it can harmonize your food and drinks. We’ve tested the wine and lemon thing with a Brix meter and it is an urban myth. But, by using a good quality zero-point energy wand to phase lock your food to you, you will get the maximum benefit the food can provide.

By eating a diet high in fresh organic fruits, vegetables, meats and fish you can add all of the healthful dietary components to your life to give you the best possible fuel source. Adding an energy component to your daily regimen also makes good sense from the standpoint that the part of you that you can’t see is just as important as the parts you can. The Iyashi Wand will give you a convenient, compact and effective solution to get a pick-me-up when you need it. After all, you may look and feel better than you have for a while.