Reducing EMF Exposure While You Sleep

Most homes have unshielded wiring in the walls. Shielded wiring is where the wires are fed through a shielded pipe to reduce fire hazard and electric field radiation. You can check the building code for your community to know for sure. If you sleep with your head near a wall, the wiring is constantly giving off electromagnetic fields which your head is being exposed to as you sleep.

Any electric device you have in your bedroom is also a source of EMF contamination. It doesn’t matter if it is an electric alarm clock or a water bed. Anything electric gives off EMF fields that can harm your health with repeated exposure.

It is highly recommended that you sleep with your head towards the center of the room and keep only battery operated devices in your bedroom. You can also place a Shieldite piece on your bedside table to reduce the impact of exposure. Deep, sound sleep is important for your health and well-being. You don’t need to create needless EMF exposure while you sleep.