Negative Ions And Sports Performance

We all know that to be on top of your game, whether you are a runner, a baseball player or a skier, you need to be fit, healthy and have good lung function. Eating right and exercising are only part of the equation.

For decades now, there has been  unique performance enhancement technology in place that can improve endurance levels by 900 percent, balance and coordination by 300 percent and reaction time by 100 percent. Very simply put, negative ions were used in the training environments of athletes that would hold their effects for one month after exposure. Granted, the technology was big and clunky and awkward in those early days but we’ve come a long way baby!

However far-fetched this may sound, research has shown that positive ions can have a detrimental effect on the body. Symptoms can include headaches, fatigue, circulatory problems, dizziness and other troubling symptoms. Negative ions, on the other hand have been shown in research to be beneficial to the body, improving mental alertness and focus, reflexes, response times, speed and agility, injury reduction, concentration and overall body function. There are more than 5000 studies listed on the benefits of negative ions to health and sports performance.

FACT:    In a study of gymnasts, in static endurance test the control group had a decreased endurance after 25 days while the group exposed to negative ions showed improvement of 46 percent.

FACT:    In a study of gymnasts, in dynamic endurance, the gymnasts that were exposed to negative ions showed an 87 percent improvement while there was no control group.

FACT:    In a study of track and field athletes, the control group had a 24 percent improvement after 25 days while the athletes exposed to negative ions had a 240 percent improvement.

FACT:    In studies of reaction time the gymnastic control group managed to shorten their response time by 11 milliseconds while the group of gymnasts exposed to negative ions managed to shorten their reaction time by 22 milliseconds.

FACT:    The track and field athletes control group reaction time was shortened by 4.5 percent after 25 days while the negative ion group shortened their reaction time by 16 percent.

FACT:    The results of the equilibrium testing on the control group of the track and field athletes was an 80 to 82 percent improvement after 25 days while the negative ion group has improvements ranging from 145 to 333 percent improvement.

FACT:    Overall, the negative ion group had notable improvement in cheerfulness and vitality, sleep and appetite. Their bodies were also more efficient in utilizing Vitamins C and B more efficiently.

FACT:    The studies on the effects of negative ions on boxers and swimmers showed marked improvement in muscle strength, endurance and quickness.

The Iyashi Ionic bracelet is worn on the wrist. The same blood constituents pass over the same place on the wrist approximately every four minutes. There is a constant stream of negative ions available to the body to improve sports performance. You only need to wear it to receive all the benefits that negative ion exposure can bring you.