Insomnia and EMFs

If you don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis, your health can go downhill very quickly. In the deep stages of sleep when your brain is in delta wave, the body repairs and rejuvenates itself. The body refreshes and the mind is able to be upbeat, positive and forward thinking. Tiredness from insomnia on the other hand can lower your immune function, create an inability to think and can even lead to depression.

There has been some interesting research that has shown that sleep disruption can be caused by EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation from everything electric and electronic in your home and environment. Wireless technology appears to be the worst culprit. EMFs disrupt the normal electrical signaling that the body uses to communicate cell to cell, neuron to neuron. The more electrical fields we are exposed to, the more difficulties accumulate in the body. These days nearly everything either plugs in or is battery operated and needs recharging and it is wreaking  havoc with our health.

The problem with our sleep is that EMFs disrupt the production and action of melatonin which is a hormone that regulates our sleep and our immune system.  In the disruptive process a cascade of other events happen. Our bodies go into a stress response and it saps our energy and any reserves we have. We become more tired and lethargic and unable to cope with one more thing.

The body considers EMFs an invader and mans the battle stations. Unfortunately it is not like a virus that can be conquered then the immune system can rest. It is an unrelenting attack from which there is no rest. The immune system becomes depleted and the body becomes more vulnerable to anything and everything. In addition, it can’t sleep.

Since everything including your body is made up of energy that has certain patterns that must be in balance with each other, it is important that we maintain that balance. EMF energy on the other hand is in opposition to the energetic functioning of our bodies. Our own innate energetic patterns become confused and cannot communicate effectively as is needed. All kinds of body functions become affected, including sleep.

We can’t get away from the convenience of modern technology. It is here to stay and if the trend continues we could be seeing some pretty grim statistics regarding health. The answer seems to lie in the EMFs themselves. Since they disrupt our normal human functioning, we need to disrupt the EMFs ability to disrupt us.

Nature is so wise and provides for us well, if we pay attention. We have found a naturally occurring mineral called Shieldite which actually does disrupt the way EMFs can affect the body. By wearing a pendant or placing natural Shieldite stones or decorative pieces in your living space you can function more normally despite your electrified environment. Reports from people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity show promise as their symptoms greatly reduce or disappear. People with sleep problems also find they are better able to sleep as the body can then resume normal melatonin production.