How Zero Point Energy Healing Can Make Your Life Better

During our lifetime some very deep and profound questions are bound to make themselves known. By observing life and the patterns of living, curiosity rises and makes the quest for perfect health foremost in the mind. For instance, some people smoke their whole life and die at the same average age as those who have never smoked. Some people get sicker as they get older while others remain highly energetic and healthy. The ultimate question is: how does the body transmit the signals that produce health or disease? If we know that, we can unlock the mystery of how to reverse inflammation, aging, illness and disease. Quantum physics may have the answers we need.

zero point energy healing

To the average person, quantum physics–and even what we call energy sciences– are too nebulous and “out there” for the average person. Modern science, however, has translated this scientific jargon into easy to understand language that almost anyone can understand.

Foods, juices, and supplements have a physical nature. We can see them, we can touch them and we can eat them. But the physical nature is only part of a much bigger equation called energy. Energy is that invisible “prove to me that it’s there” component that brings everything into question. Understandably so, but you can’t see the air until the wind blows and creates movement in the plant material around you, or it blows against your face. You trust that your body needs to be able to take what it needs from the air and convert it to energy inside your body even though you don’t know how it happens. It’s just automatic, and that’s fine with you. You have far more interesting things to look at and do than worry about how your lungs assist in the conversion of oxygen into energy.

Your life force is connected to All That Is as well as all kinds of invisible energies that can add to your health and vitality. They are also invisible but no less powerful than the air you breathe; in fact, some are even more powerful. As your awareness of All That Is grows, you become aware of how your food, environment, water, sleep, mood, thoughts and air can contribute or detract from your overall well-being. The energetic component of everything you put in your body is just as important as everything you breathe. If you breathe dirty air for a while, you start to notice that you don’t feel well. The same is true for your food, if you eat unhealthy food, your body will react.

The trick to enhancing all of these well-being contributors boils down to living more consciously and combining what medical science knows with energetic techniques. Life-style management, combined with deep breathing techniques, dietary supplement use including antioxidants, proper use of structured water technologies, environmental detoxification, meditation, mindful living, stimulation of the body’s endocrine system, plus diligent use of positive energies leads one to an incredible vitality. Positive energies can come from something as simple as an Original Iyashi Wand. The Original Iyashi wand is a fine scientific instrument that sources the invisible life force energy from your surrounding environment. It brings you into harmony and synchronicity with yourself and your surroundings by an innate condition called phase-locking. Scalar waves are connected and locked to every other scalar wave to keep the whole in unity and working optimally and efficiently. Quite simply this is done through the zero-point framework that permeates everything. It is like an invisible plumbing system that pipes these reminders of what vital energy is to wherever you point the wand. Repeated use over time may help you to balance the energy flow in your body and bring mind, body and spirit holistically into balance and harmony, the cornerstones of vitality and well-being.