How The Iyashi Wand Works

The Iyashi Wand works in several ways. This gives our wands a wider effectiveness and has been proven in double blind studies to work more efficiently and more quickly than any other wand out there. Although certain products may look similar or even identical, there is a marked difference in their performance and their ability to improve your health and vitality.

In order to keep the information a manageable and understandable size, we have divided the information into a number of articles. Some of the terms like scalar energy and zero-point energy have been written up in separate articles of their own. Please refer to them for a greater understanding.

The great simplicity of the Iyashi Wand technology is that is works through liquids. Your body is made up of up to 70 percent water, even your bones have some water in them. The importance of drinking lots of clean, healthy water cannot be overemphasized. Water is the medium that enables the signal of the beneficial energy patterns from the wand to efficiently reach the tissues in the optimum manner. So the wand works by improving the quality of the body’s liquids.

Zero-point energy wands contain any combination of piezoelectric and infrared stones, crystals and minerals, bioceramics, ion powders and other components, which act as a storage depot for bundles of frequency formulas, particularly in the case of Iyashi Wands. As you know from the scalar energy article, it can renew itself as it retains the memory of the filling pattern. Zero-point energy exists everywhere and is drawn in and focused by the wand, in combination with its contents. The Iyashi Wand has an innate content of zero-point energy as does everything in the Universe. But, the wand does not create zero-point energy, it restores it through its vortex action as an energy transference device. The process is referred to as phase-locking. It is like whatever connection has been broken or damaged, is reminded of its Source and brought back to it.

The Iyashi Wand is an instrument of focus and direction for the innate energies that benefit the body. The thousands of beneficial energy patterns in the form of bundles of frequency formulas that have been infused in each wand by our proprietary I.I.T. process have been tested and verified to be within acceptable ranges to promote health by our research and development team. Our team has perfected our formulas and are expert in their function and application. Look for Iyashi on YouTube, showing various educational videos of The Iyashi Wand and our other products.

The Iyashi Wand works by moving the wand over an area that is affected by pain, stiffness, or disease. You can even twirl or rotate the wand over reflex points on the feet. We have supplied a chart in the chart section so you can actually wand all sorts of organs in your body using it.

If the wand is held still, it is technically inert, it doesn’t do anything to change discomfort in the body, although it does improve sleep. To create the energy transference device that creates the vortex, the wand must move or rotate. The process of healing, requires movement from the wand. The most effective movements are listed and illustrated in our book Zero-Point Energy Wand – Illustrated Guide and Workbook, available our website or on Depending on which wand you have purchased you may even want to shake the wand before you begin your first daily use. This gets the piezoelectric, and electromagnetic, qualities of the wand activated.

Since pain is an indicator of stuck energy, the wand, when moved in certain ways, begins to pull/push the localized energy. As the energy begins to move, the scalar energy that is locked in the stationary waves of the zero-point field is push/pulled by the energy transference action of the wand, stimulating energy that now spreads filling the localized space, dissipating toxins, inflammation and other disease causing substances and organisms. The zero-point energy is restored through the phase-locking process, the vitality that moves into the space, giving new life and strength to the cells, feeding the mitochondria – the cell engines. The piezoelectrics that is part of the cells innate state also move in, restoring the cell membrane permeability and functioning. The body’s electric nature hums along when these qualities are harmonized.

By continuing to use the wand, the body’s cellular memory can gradually restore itself and optimum health returns. Because these fields are invisible, don’t be fooled into thinking that nothing is happening. After a few minutes use, you should start to notice tingling in the area where you have used the wand. Then the real magic begins to happen.