How Do EMF Waves Affect Zero-Point Energy Wands?

There is some concern in the community that because zero-point energy wands are part of the zero-point field that they should not be affected by transverse electromagnetic fields with chronic exposure. When we had possession of hundreds of wands from various companies, we measured them, examined them and tested them for various characteristics and abilities.

Zero point energy wands and emf fields

One of the experiments we did was to take a wand that had been analyzed and put it in the fridge for varying lengths of time then reanalyzing it. All we can tell you is there was a very marked difference in the wands ability and characteristics after it came out of the fridge after being in their for a few hours and days. We also put wands in front of a microwave oven and sat then on an electric clock radio. The results were the same as the fridge experiment.

We’re not just talking about our wands here, we’re talking about experiments we have done with dozens and dozens of wands from various manufacturers. The ability of these wands to function as they were intended to function was severely disrupted. All we can do folks is give you the results of our experiments. We don’t necessarily have the answer as to why, we just know that transverse EMF’s can have a detrimental effect on the functioning of ANY zero-point energy wand, not just wands containing I.I.T.