Healing and the Zero-Point Field

In 1976 a German researcher in biophysics called Frits-Albert Popp did some revolutionary research on a theory he called biophoton theory. Over the years he developed and built the first instrument that was capable of measuring and counting photons which are light carrier energy particles. Through his research he believed that health was no more than well ordered light in the body and that the body continually communicated with the biophotons it contained in addition to the zero-point field to maintain and recalibrate their health.  When the body is healthy it appears to have coherency by phase-locking to its inherent biophotons and to the zero-point field.

Popp also discovered that in sick people the biophoton communication was disrupted with each other and the zero-point field. Sick people seemed to emit too much light so that eventually their light simply went out or was leaking out of them. The coherency or phase-locking had been lost. When enough biophoton energy leaves the body, the body can no longer maintain itself so it simply dies.

Popp’s research and findings have prompted other researchers to study unconventional aspects of human health. Studies of heart patients indicate that more often than not, they feel alone and disconnected from themselves and their communities. They also seemed to have lost their spiritual connection. These feelings of disconnect and separation seem to be greater sources of illness than physical symptoms such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Researchers were shocked to find that the longest lived people tend to have a strong belief in a greater spiritual power in addition to their belief that they are a strong part of their community. They are connected, they feel it and they know it. This connection also pertains to the biophoton light interaction with each of their cells and the zero-point field.

Scientists began exploring the possibility that if you could tune into the coherency of the zero-point field and direct it to yourself and others could you heal serious illness? A Canadian biologist from McGill University called Bernard Grad started doing experiments in the 1960’s with this concept. He started his experiments with plants. His experiments showed that plants watered with water blessed by healers thrived more than plants water that had not been blessed. Additionally plants watered with water blessed by depressed people failed to thrive at all.

One of the most startling experiments was done in 1988 by Dr. Randolph Byrd in a hospital heart patient ward. By having people direct prayer to half of his 400 heart patients he proved that by directing consciousness to people who are sick, positive effects on health can be seen and measured. Those who were part of the prayer group needed less medication and oxygen and had fewer complications than the non-prayer group.

When you don’t have access to a large group of people to direct healing your way, the next best thing is the Iyashi wand. It literally restores coherency of the biophoton field resulting in improvement in health in measurable ways, particularly with pain. Scientific research shows that there is solid evidence that interacting with the zero-point energy field has positive effects on health and the Iyashi wand is a bridge that can accomplish that.