Get Out Of Pain Faster With Zero Point Energy Healing

Did you know that statistics show pain affects more people than diabetes, cancer and heart disease combined? It is the silent epidemic that affects an estimated 50 million chronic pain sufferers in the US. Their pain is caused by accident, illness or disease. Acute pain sufferers from surgical procedures or accidents account for another 25 million. Statistics also show that two-thirds of those people have been living with their pain for more than five years. Pain is also one of the things that frightens people the most.

People with pain find that their ability to do their job, look after their family, perform daily tasks, socialize, exercise, sleep, even concentrate can be greatly diminished. Some clinical studies show that depression is the most profound and frequent psychological reaction from pain sufferers, along with loss of self-esteem and feelings of isolation. Acute pain brings on anxiety and if the pain continues, depression can follow.

Pain is a complex issue. Universities and Institutes that specialize in pain know that it is more than just nerve transmission and sensory interpretation. Pain is this complex soup of physiology, sensation, culture, emotions, perceptions of self and of course, spirit. The most important characteristics of pain is your unique make-up that will markedly impact your experience of it.

There is a whole traditional panoply of options open to the pain sufferer, including doctor visits, medication, pain management clinics, Chinese medicine, chiropractic, nutrition, hydration, acupuncture, body work, massage, yoga and psychology. The path to pain reduction is paved with the possibilities of finding the unique combination of therapies that are going to be effective for individuals. This takes time and money.

Meanwhile medication must manage the pain until it is no longer there. It can take from 10 minutes to 2 hours for the pain to begin to diminish, but the average according to studies is 30 minutes. Some enteric coated pills can take up to 8 hours to work like in the case of Aspirin and you cannot take a lot of Aspirin long term because of the blood thinning side effects. Some medications like Ibuprofen are accumulative so you need to take them for a couple of days before you get the most benefit. And there are all kinds of side effects from it and from prescription medications.

Some theories suggest that pain is blocked energy. From a scientific and medical standpoint, swelling reduces blood circulation and accumulates toxins in localized tissues. If the swelling is great enough, it blocks the flow of innate energy and pain results. That certainly seems to bear truth, particularly in injury. By using a harmless zero-point field like in the Iyashi Wand, the field pulls or pushes the blockage and re-establishes the flow of energy. The increased flow helps restore blood and lymph circulation, toxins are removed by the body and the injury heals more quickly with greater comfort.

This also bears truth in chronic conditions like arthritis and joint stiffness. In studies the zero-point field in addition to the electromagnetic, far infrared and piezoelectric fields improves the collagen in the joints, providing greater flexibility and mobility.

Clients report that their pain has changed in as little as 3 minutes and they experience relief more quickly than their current pain medication without the side effects of it. Typical results seem to bear that repeated wanding is needed to completely eliminate the pain but change can be noticed during the first wanding. This is great news for those who seem to have chronic conditions for which they believe they are stuck with the endless suffering. Pain strikes fear into the minds and hearts of everyone. No one likes pain nor do they want to endure it for years. The Iyashi Wand brings new hope to pain sufferers everywhere and it is our wish that we have a pain-free world.