Face Lifting Using The Iyashi Wand

Fine lines usually form first in the forehead, around the eyes and the mouth. When we see those first lines, we realize that it won’t be long before they are all more noticeable. Facelifts are expensive and recovery takes time.

There is facial acupuncture which is effective, although it involves needles and multiple treatments requiring a commitment to follow-through with the long course of treatment.

One of the simple way is to use the Original Iyashi wand, using small clockwise circles about the size of a dime, just above the skin. You can also roll the wand upwards on the skin, much like a rolling pin.

Fine lines and wrinkles usually come from free radical damage; ie, diet, environment, smoking, sun exposure, high stress levels, lifestyle choices, dehydration or illness. Aside from this litany, inadequate intake of good clean water, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids have the greatest impact on the skin.

By improving your intake of these skin essentials, you can take the next step to touch up your face. This step also requires commitment but it is something you can do while you’re watching TV or waiting for your nails to dry. You can even do them while you are sitting in traffic or on your coffee break.

These simple, quick techniques are good for both men and women. They help improve the circulation where you wand. The improved circulation can help break up free radicals, restore collagen and elastin, fade age spots, and improve hydration which plumps up those skin cells to make your skin look smoother.

Here is the best method to try with your l Iyashi Wand: The act of twirling the wand activates the energetic qualities of the wand. The clockwise direction seems to work the best. Hold the wand in your right hand and twirl the wand in circles about the size of a dime. Starting under the right eye near your nose, start circling the Original Iyashi Wand, three times, then point the wand like you are dotting an “i”. Twirl three times, then point. Twirl three times, then point. Repeat these sets a number of times as you move the wand towards the outside of the eye. Spend some extra time on the fine lines at the outside corner of your eye. Then move the Iyashi Wand to the inside of the eyelid closest to the nose and repeat the procedure, moving towards the outside of the eye, Again, spend a few more seconds on the laugh lines. Then do the left eye in the same manner.

Now wand the right cheek, left cheek, upper lip, chin and neck using the twirl and point method. You don’t touch the skin while you are doing the twirling. By energizing your face morning and night you are restoring the efficient repair of cells and tissues and over time, you can notice a younger, more youthful appearance.

You can also roll the wand up your neck from the shoulders. From your jaw line up your face is the next step. Then roll it up from the eyebrows to the hairline. Be careful around the sensitive skin around your eyes. Gently roll the wand around your eyelids in an upward motion. Look younger and feel better over time as the cumulative effects of wanding become more and more noticeable.