Ergon Particles And The Iyashi Wand

Have you ever looked up at a blue sky on a sunny day and seen little particles whizzing back and forth? They almost look like they are either in your eye or between your eye and the sky. If they were in your eye, they would follow the exact same pattern as red blood cells following a capillary. In fact, they are particles that appear between your eye and the sky moving randomly in all directions.

Scientists call these ergon particles. They are tiny, normally invisible bundles of energy that move in and out of the empty spaces in your body. You body uses them for fuel along with food. In The Theorum of The Mechanical Theory of Heat, the author talks about how the body converts ergon particles into heat and fuel for the body.

Quantum experiments performed by scientists show the ability of these particles to spontaneously manifest in a vacuum so there seems to be an infinite amount of this type of energy available. There is even speculation that these particles appear on the zero-point framework we have talked about in other articles. Because the zero-point field is infinite, the potential to manifest infinite energy is that much greater.

The potential for using this type of energy and encouraging its appearance could be a vital source of energy for our bodies. Just as certain types and frequencies of lasers can build vital energy in the body, our researchers speculate how the Iyashi Wand can encourage and direct ergon particles into parts of our body that require more vitality.

Since our bodies already know how to convert ergon particles into fuel, and these particles are a ready source of fuel, the body’s ability to use this renewed vitality to repair and rejuvenate is revitalized. The body then has enough energy to heal and with continued infusion can repair to an even greater extent.

The Iyashi Wand is a fine instrument that generates and directs ergon particles to promote health and vitality. The zero-point field allows the wand to use ergon particles to positively affect health. These invisible helpers harmlessly direct the body’s innate healing to restore the body’s healing memory in forgotten places.

The energy is activated in the Iyashi Wand most effectively by using one of the wanding patterns we describe in some of our other articles. You can either wand on the skin or about one-half inch above. It will work farther away from the skin but the distance is quite arbitrary. See our wanding instruction booklet, available on our website, for further types of wanding that will benefit your body. Our book “Zero-Point Energy Wand – Illustrated Guide and Workbook” is also available on our website or

If you’ve never heard of twirling your pain away, or even your wrinkles, try it. It’s easy and fun. It makes surprising changes in your body that bring long awaited relief. Using Nature’s innate energy to revitalize yours makes perfect sense and there’s enough of it for everyone.