Electromagnetic Radiation and Your Health

The number of studies on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health ranges in the hundreds. Over one hundred of them have  been published by 1990 and since then many more have been conducted. Although there have been a wide range of results, there is enough evidence to show a cause for concern regarding people’s health who have continuous or prolonged exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.

You may be surprised to know that there are two types of electromagnetic frequencies. Since frequencies can be produced in waves the two types are called transverse waves and longitudinal waves. Transverse waves are the waves that we know as harmful that are emitted from electrical appliances and high tension wires for example.

Transverse electromagnetic radiation is a field of energy that is created around electrical and battery operated devices such as electric clock radios and cell phones that can have an effect on human health.

There are many sources of transverse electromagnetic radiation, some of them natural but most of them man made. Natural sources come from events such as thunderstorms, even the earth’s magnetic field gives off electromagnetic frequencies. Most of the EMF exposure comes from man-made sources, including house wiring, electrical appliances, overhead power lines, airport and military radar, vacuum cleaners, electric water ionizers, infrared saunas, clock radios, substations, transformers, hair dryers, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers, old style televisions, computers, cordless phones, cell/mobile phones, wi-fi modems and neighborhood electrical boxes.

We are surrounded by everything electrical and all those electrical fields affect our own electrical field profoundly. Some forms of electromagnetic energy such as transverse electromagnetic waves, can actually break down the chemical bonds between the molecules in the cells of the body. This affects their ability to function and carry on healthful activities for the body. In some cases, the cell DNA is so severely defected that the cell begins to act abnormally.

Prolonged exposure can affect people in such a way that they become ill or chronically affected in some way. Symptoms range from headaches, forgetfulness, stress, leukemia, nausea, cataracts, chronic fatigue, chest pains, heart problems, brain tumors, miscarriages, birth defects, cancers and assorted other health problems.

Because of the technology available today to make life easier, we need to protect ourselves from the continuous exposure to these electrical hazards.  Dr. Ross Anderson, ND.,DC has supervised testing of devises to reduce EMF damage for over 30 years. He has tested dozens of products that claim to work, but unfortunately do not.

Within the last few months he came across a naturally occurring mineral he called Shieldite which seems to have the ability in all of our field tests to scramble the way transverse EMF affects our bodies, rendering it harmless. This mineral, when chunks of it are placed in your environment, protects your body from harmful transverse EMF frequencies.
Shieldite can even be worn on your body. The one disadvantage to Shieldite, if you want to call it that, is that it actually absorbs these transverse EMF waves, so the mineral ‘fills up’. To discharge Shieldite, you need to ground it by sitting it on your kitchen or bathroom faucet base for ten to fifteen minutes, then it is refreshed and good to go for the next 36 t0 48 hours. Natural protection at its finest.