Difference Between Electromagnetics waves

There is so much talk out there about electromagnetic radiation that we felt we had to address the different types of EMF ( electromagnetic frequencies). It is important to know what is beneficial and what is harmful. Flowing or expansion based energy is what most of us think as the only energy there is.

To get an idea, the difference between them, let’s look at the structural difference first. In order to get a picture of what is spoken about here, you need to use your imagination. Pretend you wade out into the ocean where the tide goes out quite far. You are now standing  up to your waist in water.  As you observe the waves coming toward the beach and breaking onto the shore you realize that these waves may have traversed a long distance to get to the beach. These are transverse waves. In the electrical world,  these waves travel long distances on wires to get to your house. These waves have the potential to carry information like a phone call from your cordless or cellular phone. Transverse waves that carry information like for your radio or television blast that information through your body. They penetrate body space and can disrupt the electrical system of the body  creating disharmony and disease.

As you are standing in the ocean up to your waist, you will notice that waves move up and down your body as they more towards the shore. A piece of seaweed floating beside you just moves up and down with the wave action and does not move closer to the beach with the waves. These are called longitudinal waves. If you were to put a float beside you, and attached the float to a meter, you could measure the energy collecting in the wave that you could extract. The float would be absorbing measurable energy collected as the wave moved up and down. This type of energy is typically found in scalar energy gateway devices such as zero-point energy  wands which are doorways for accordion-like waves that revert cells back to an earlier healthier condition. This seems to work through the space-time continuum. Scalar energy gateway devices work through the zero-point energy field using the principles of quantum physics.  Scalar waves are stationary, are part of the zero-point field and contain an infinite amount of energy potential even though they are stationary. It is the predominant energy in the universe and it makes up the basic energies of nature, our bodies and quite naturally, the energies of healing.

Longitudinal waves work in sync with our bodies and remind the cells, tissues and organs of our bodies how to behave in a healthy way, by restoring them to a time when they were healthy. Transverse waves actually blast the cells of our bodies into an unhealthy state. If you use a lot of electrical appliances, you need to get out your scalar energy gateway devise to restore your healthy cellular memory and at the same time, use a natural mineral like Shieldite to block the transverse waves from harming your cellular structures.