Cell Phones And Shieldite

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal themselves as long as our internal signaling is working in harmony with all of the body systems. Homeostasis is the key to vital health. When this homeostatic balance is disrupted, lots of systems in the body can go awry, causing instability and the increased risk of illness.

Cell phones have been in the scientific literature for some time now as being one of the most potentially harmful devises on the market. The whole world has been build around them. They are everywhere and everyone is using them constantly, even children. Sweden has even passed a law that it is unlawful for children under a certain age to use cell phones because of the potential harm to their developing brains.

Before medical intervention is required because of transverse electromagnetic radiation damage, you may want to consider ways to protect yourself. There are many devises on the market that are reported to protect you from EMF radiation but there is only one that we have found that is most compatible with the human body. It is a natural, organic mineral called Shieldite that can protect you from your completely wired lifestyle. Electric fields from cell phones, i-pods, electronic hand-held games, computers, fridges, microwaves, electric clock radios and all those other electric devices we use everyday can disrupt the body’s homeostatic balance creating health disturbances.

EMF fields combines with poor nutritional choices, daily emotional stress, lack of adequate rest and sleep and toxic environments can all lead to a breakdown of any of our body systems, potentially causing pain, illness and disease.

To maintain or restore your health in this increasingly effective world, we need to be able to protect our bodies from EMF radiation. Shieldite seems to be the most natural choice. It is mined and made into pendants and other shapes that can be worn or placed around your home.  It protects, shields, absorbs and deflects EMF radiation so that the body is not affected by it in an adverse way.

By wearing Shieldite or placing it in your environment, your body can return to balance and your feelings of well-being may improve. Your body is electric and it needs to function innately without interference from outside transverse EMF fields.