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EMFs – EMFs And Brain Disorders

It has been shown in numerous scientific studies that electromagnetic frequencies damage human health. Of particular note are the studies that show how EMF fields cause immune dysfunction and collapse. Immune dysfunction causes an auto-immune disorder where the immune system begins to attack and destroy various tissues and in this case it is the cells [...]

EMFs – EMFs and Birth Defects

It has been shown in scientific study after scientific study that electromagnetic frequencies damage DNA. One of the most vulnerable times where DNA damage occurs is when cells are rapidly dividing, like in the womb. You could be unwittingly exposing your little bundle of joy to genetic damage by certain electronic activities in which you [...]

EMFs – EMFs and Autism

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt in Seattle, Washington and his colleagues have found some disturbing findings with regards to electromagnetic frequencies and children with autism. Because there has been a doubling of autism cases worldwide every five years there has been a rising correlation between EMF exposure of the mother during pregnancy and the potential of her [...]