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Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand Technology

We at IIT Health think it is really peculiar that since we have been re-engineering our products with our proprietary full spectrum technology, all the other knock-off companies are claiming that they have it too, or some similar wording. We find it pathetic and disrespectful that they will say anything just to get a sale. [...]

Why Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wands Are Good For You

For at least 25 years now, Chinese and Japanese researchers have been studying the health benefits of far infrared, magnetic, and piezoelectric therapies on health and healing. Their research shows the healing benefits for a wide number of issues, particularly discomfort. Although large doses of infrared, particularly in a good quality infrared sauna, have huge [...]

What is Zero-Point Energy? How Can it Heal You?

When you build a house you need a framework to build it on. Everything in the Universe is the same. When scientists strip everything away, zero-point energy is what is left. It is the fundamental energy found in a quantum mechanical physical system. It is the basis on which everything else is built and it [...]