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Energy Wand – Why A Full Spectrum Energy Wand Is Best

Pioneering research into the dynamics of how human energy patterns create issues has shown that every individual as a unique energy signature when the body is relaxed and at rest. At other times the energy signature changes its wave patterns depending on activities, stressors, environments and so on. Normal healthy people have a full spectrum, [...]

Electro-magnetic Fields – Electro-magnetic Fields and Earthing

Earthing is a term where people connect to the earth’s energy to experience various health benefits like pain relief, inflammation reduction  and numerous other health improvements. The premise is by connecting to the earth or grounding as it is sometimes called, you connect to the Schumann Resonance that is intrinsic to your nature and helps [...]

Shieldite – Shieldite Is More Than EMF Protection

Shieldite is a carbon and silicate mineral that can capture, negate and absorb electromagnetic frequency radiation, but it can do so much more as a result. In addition to being a great EMF protector it has been infused with BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusing Technology), a biofield protection package. With so much EMF whizzing around and [...]