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Why Use an Iyashi Chakra Stone

You’ve heard us talk about energy and how energy affects everything. Frequency is energy and the vibration that you resonate with will affect how much vitality you have, how sharp your thinking is, how good your memory is, how well you sleep, how healthy your body is, how efficient your energy system is and how [...]

The Iyashi Wand and Chakra Stone Protocol

Your energy system is the source and channel for everything that happens to you in your life. The clearer it is the more joyous life will be. It has been known for centuries that your chakras are the gateway to nirvana. You don’t have to be enlightened to be in joy all the time. As [...]

Iyashi Chakra Stone Exercise

This exercise is like an oasis in the middle of a furious dust storm. As your energy reacts to stimuli in your field you can feel tense, anxious and out of control. Sometimes it is nice to step out of the frenetic world and into a more peaceful place. You can sit or lie down [...]