Breathing and Your Chi

It’s cold and flu season and it seems people are even going to work sick. Parents who have to work, even send their kids to school with all kinds of contagious infections. Pretty soon the whole family is sick. A lot of winter infections affect your breathing, clogging up your airways with congestion. While there is really no medical cure for viral infections you can give your body a boost by perking up your immune system. The Iyashi Wand is the perfect tool for this.


If your breathing is labored or congested your vital energy called chi or qi becomes depressed. You feel lethargic and tired. You have less motivation and life loses its spark. It becomes a real challenge to have an inspirational life. Even if you suffer from bronchitis, asthma, COPD or other respiratory difficulties, the results are the same. Your immune system becomes depleted and you lack energy.

Place one of your hands at the base of your throat with your thumb nearest the base of your throat, you hand flat on your chest with the tips of your fingers pointing at your arm. Just below where your little finger rests on your chest is a very important gland that helps regulate your immune system. In your mind’s eye, remember where that spot is in the middle of your chest and remove your hand. Your hand is just a marker to locate the place you are going to do the following exercise.

Hold the wand in your dominant hand like you are going to write with it. Point the wand at that place in the middle of your chest. Looking down at that spot on your chest, circle the wand clockwise. In other words you are moving the wand from left to right in a circle about 4 to 5 inches around. Every six circles, tap your chest three times lightly with the tip of the wand. Six circles then three taps. Do this for two to three minutes.

To create a memory in your body to breathe more deeply and to bolster the immune system when you are done circling, tap the top of your head lightly three times with the tip of the wand, then the spot on your chest three times. Repeat this three times and you’re done.

You may notice that your chest feels more open. It is like there is more space in there. Obviously, the congestion will not disappear instantly, but with diligence and repetition, you may find yourself breathing more deeply sooner than normal. Breathing is directly related to how much energy and vitality you feel. The end result should not only be easier breathing, but a crisper, more electric vitality and energy.