Body Rhythms and Transverse EMF

There are many rhythms in the human body, but the most prominent one is the heart beat. All the blood vessels in the body work on the rhythm of the heart. The average heart beats about 72 beats per minute. The heart works because of electrical impulses that are generated by the body that fire the nerves to perform a particular task, such as beating the heart and pumping blood through the various pulse points.

When you are around large electrical fields like high tension power lines, home electric appliances, old-style TV sets, computers, cell phones, electric clock radios, telephone and workplace headsets, microwave towers, satellite TV receivers and so on, you are affecting your body’s natural electric field. What can happen is that the body’s field becomes overwhelmed by the outside electrical field and the body changes its natural rhythm.

The cells begin to function abnormally and health begins to change. Where the micro nerves do not reach a cell, the impulses travel through the body’s water that floats in and around each cell, affecting how each cell performs and behaves. The transverse electromagnetic frequencies given off by battery-operated and electrical ‘everything’, disrupt the normal signaling from the nerves to the cells. This can be quite dangerous as the transverse electromagnetic frequencies are not compatible with the body’s electrical system and damage it.

There are all kinds of gimmicks on the market that claim to block the damage to the body by transverse EMF. One of the natural products out there is a mineral called Shieldite. It scrambles the EMF in such a way that the body can’t absorb it. Subjects and environments tested in the presence of Shieldite show no detectable  transverse EMF radiation. Scientists don’t quite know how the Shieldite works, only that it does. Advance kinesiology testing also shows that it is the only product that Dr. Ross Andersen has supervised that was found to strengthen the energy fields of people who wear it. Other products seem to weaken their energy fields. We feel that a product found in nature is much more harmonious to the body and especially one that protects the body from transverse EMF.