Becoming Your Own Healer With The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand

The Iyashi Wand is truly a versatile zero point and scalar energy tool. It literally can be used to help with any harmonization process and aid any part of the human bio-field. The key term to remember is phase lock. Everything is connected to the zero point framework on which everything is built. By being connected or phase-locked, the bio-field and its energy field has an innate efficiency and function that maintains a feeling of well-being. The Iyashi Wand brings everything within its range of influence back into its correct phase-locked state with the zero point field; this energy state is exactly where you want your body to function overall. Every piece of matter in existence has energy and energetic properties, and as a result, everything in existence is energetically connected in one way or another. Bringing your energy levels to their phase-lock state not only improves your body’s bio-field, but it positively impacts the way you and objects & people around you interact on an energetic level.

The Iyashi Wand is an instrument of focus and direction for the innate energies that benefit the body. The thousands of beneficial energy patterns in the form of bundles of frequency formulas that have been infused in each wand by our proprietary BFIT process have been tested and verified to be within acceptable ranges to promote holistic wellness by our research and development team. Our expert team has perfected our formulas for their function and application.

The Iyashi Wand functions through moving the wand over an area of the bio-field that is affected. You can twirl or rotate the wand over reflex points on the feet. The manner in which the wand is moved dictates certain results (read how to wand by clicking here). We have supplied a chart in the chart section so you can actually wand all sorts of your organs bio-fields by using it. To create the energy transference device that creates the vortex, the wand must move or rotate. The process of harmonization requires movement from the wand.