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Technology And Research - Shieldite Protection From EMF

Technology And Research - Shieldite Protection From EMF

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What is Shieldite?

Shieldite is a very rare mineral made of silicate and crystalline carbon with a unique molecular structure which is not to be confused with other regular carbon based minerals. Shieldite forms in clusters of 70-80 carbon molecules which create capsules (called fullerenes) to absorb the harmful waves EMFs produced. Shieldite is actually electrically conductive itself which allows it to interact with the EMFs. Like carbon filters remove contaminates from water, Shieldite alters EMF waves to a safe wave length.


How Shieldite Works

There are 2 types of magnetic fields, natural magnetic fields and artificial electromagnetic fields which we refer to EMFs that are harmful to the human body. The Earth and our human bodies produce their own low level magnetic field which by no coincidence are at the same frequency (around 7-10hz). New scientific research is even suggesting that each cell in our bodies has its own magnetic field which regulates the cell. Artificial electromagnetic fields are produced by every electronic device (which typically run at 50-60hz or higher) and when in contact with our cells will cause damage to their natural magnetic field causing the cell to degenerate and malfunction. As our human bodies are designed to align with the earth's natural magnetic field what Shieldite does is transmute the electromagnetic fields created by electronics to the same frequency as the earth's magnetic field rending them harmless. It will not stop the EMFs rendering your electronics useless but just changes the frequency of their electromagnetic field to a compatible wave length for our bodies.


How shieldite absorbs the negative charge from EMFs

As shieldite is conductive it naturally syncs with the earth's magnetic field and when EMFs pass by Shieldite it absorbs the extra change in the electromagnetic fields so they align with the natural magnetic field of the earth that our bodies are compatible with. As shieldite has clusters which act as capsules this is where the extra charge from the magnetic field is stored until it fill completely fills up. At Iyashi Source we use BFIT to infuse the Shieldite so the stored negative EMF charges do not leak out. This creates a one way gate for the EMFs where once absorbed they do not escape until safely grounded and discharged. The Shieldite capsules do fill up and will stop working so it is important to ground your Shieldite frequently. This is the same principal as a carbon water filter where when dirty water passed though it the carbon stores the contaminants to be disposed of later.


How does this make Shieldite safely work?

It is the combination of the unique structure of Shieldite to absorb the EMFs and the BFIT infusion which allows it to safely store the built up EMF charge which gives Shieldite its amazing abilities. It is very important when using devices that transmute EMFs that they store the built up EMF safely without contaminating you and then you can safely discharge them.

earth magnetic field emf protection
The earth's magnetic field is not a constant and  ranges through different levels of intensity and frequency as you can see in the above diagram. Shieldite is naturally calibrated to the earth's magnetic field and transmutes the EMFs to the correct levels based on what frequency the earth's magnetic field is at the moment.


shieldite fullerene

Shieldite molecules form into organized clusters like the fullerene shown to the left. Extra EMF charges are stored in these capsules until grounded and discharged.