How Much EMF Protection Do I Need?

How Much EMF Protection Do I Need?

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Step 1 - Reducing your EMF exposure

The first step to protecting yourself from EMFs is being aware which ones are the most harmful and staying out of their range. You can learn about these in the section "electromagnetic fields". These can be as simple as;

  • Not using a laptop on your lap.
  • Not standing directly next to kitchen appliances
  • Don't use a microwave or if you do stand at least 10 feet away when it is in use.(microwaves do leak even with the protective cover)
  • Stand away from any kitchen appliances you use.
  • If you have a speaker system keep the subwoofer as far away as possible.
  • Check where your circuit breakers in the house are and make sure no one sleeps directly next to them.
  • Don't hold hair dryers close to your head.
  • Stay away from overhead power lines.
  • Try to use a hardwire internet rather than wireless.
  • Use less wireless devices or 3G on phones.
  • Use speaker phone on cell phones rather than holding them directly next to your head.
  • Keep alarm clocks several feet away from you when you sleep along with cell phones.

This list could go on indefinitely but it gives you a small sample of ways to reduce your EMF exposure. You can reference our "EMF page" to learn about the EMF strength difference electronics give off.

Step 2 - What is your EMF exposure?

Depending on your home and work environment you may still be experiencing significant exposure to EMFs which can't be reduced (like florescent lights at work or your home is next to power lines or a cell tower). Reference the EMF rating chart and then look at the tables below to see how much Shieldite you need or combination of Shieldite and Iyashi Products.
The Protection Type gives you the types of EMFs you will be protected from.

  • For example if type 1, 2,3 EMFs this means you will have 100% protection when inside their fields at any distance. For type 4 and 5 you will have full protection until you are within their range as shown in our EMF rating chart of 1-3 feet, at this distance you will only be receiving partial protection and should be looking at our combinations which offer stronger EMF protection if you intend on being that close to those powerful EMFs.

The protection radius tell you the radius of area surrounding that piece of shieldite that is covered. The protection gradually becomes weaker the further you go away so keeping the shieldite closer to you is the most effective.

  • For example if you have a Shieldite pendant with a 5 foot radius of protection EMFs will be transmuted within 5 feet of all directions of you including above and below you. If you use a pyramid with a 12 foot radius of protection everyone within 12 feet of that pyramid will be protected from EMFs.

Pendants are ideal for personal protection and will protect against the vast majority of EMFs. Shieldite Pyramid, Cube and Sphere are best to protect small to large rooms keeping everyone inside protected. Iyashi products also provide some EMF protection and are ideal for personal use. If you want maximum protection we suggest combining shieldite + iyashi products for stellar personal EMF protection. You can refer to the table below to see the production radius, the level of protection and grounding instructions for each shieldite piece.

Type of Shieldite Protection Radius Protection Types(1-5) Grounding Frequency Grounding Time
Circle in A Circle 4-6 feet 1,2,3,4 24 hours 15 mins
Oval 4-6 feet 1,2,3,4 24 hours 15 mins
Obelisk 4-6 feet 1,2,3,4 24 hours 15 mins
Obelisk Drop 4-6 feet 1,2,3,4 24 hours 15 mins
Natural Cut 4-6 feet 1,2,3,4 24 hours 15 mins
Triangle 4-6 feet 1,2,3,4 24 hours 15 mins
Inverted Triangle 4-6 feet 1,2,3,4 24 hours 15 mins
Hoop 4-6 feet 1,2,3,4 24 hours 15 mins
Cell Button & Rectangle 2-3 feet 1,2,4 12 hours 15 mins
Tumbled Stones 4-6 feet 1,2,3,4 48 hours 20 mins
4x4 pyramid 6-8 feet 1,2,3,4,5 48 hours 20 mins
8x8 pyramid 9-11 feet 1,2,3,4,5 72 hours 25 mins
4x4 cube 8-10 feet 1,2,3,4,5 72 hours 25 mins
8x8 cube 11-13 feet 1,2,3,4,5 72 hours 30 mins
Brick 13+ feet 1,2,3,4,5 96 hours 40 mins
Iyashi Bracelets 4-6 feet 1,2,3,4 N/A N/A
Iyashi Pendants 4-6 feet 1,2,3,4 N/A N/A
Iyashi Wand 2-3 feet 1,2,3 N/A N/A
Iyashi Bracelet + Shieldite Pendant 13-15 feet 1,2,3,4,5 24 hours 15 mins
Iyashi Pendant + Cell Button 6-8 feet 1,2,3,4,5 12 hours 15 mins

EMF sensitivity

Some people are very sensitive to EMFs and notice the adverse effects as soon as they enter any electromagnetic field. This is usually because of a combination of factors including their natural body make up and/or having a weakened immune system. Anyone who is naturally EMF sensitive should always use a combination of Shieldite and Iyashi products for the best results. Also if you have had serious health conditions or a weaker immune system you are also more susceptible to EMFs and should also be using Shieldite and a Iyashi product. This way you will get the full range of ways to protect against EMFs by preventing them and repairing your cells from the damage already created.