Comparing Types of EMF Protection - Shieldite

Comparing Types of EMF Protection - Shieldite

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Understanding the different ways to protect against EMFs

You have probably seen dozens of different types of devices claiming to protect against EMFs in different ways. This is because there are 4 major different ways to counteract EMFs each working in a different way.

Type 1 ( most effective ) transmuting - These devices like Shieldite transmute the EMFs to a harmless state so they cannot damage your body in the first place. This is by far the most effective method as it stops EMFs from negatively affecting you in the first place. They operate much like voltage or frequency converters for electronics that step up or down the levels.

Type 2 - Negative ions products -  Products with strong enough negative ionic output can help repair the cellular damage that EMFs cause to the body. As your body is affected by the EMFs they will repair the damage dampening the damage. Your need a strong negative ionic output in the 4000s or higher like our iyashi bracelets or pendants to start receiving these effects. This is an "after the fact" way of protecting against EMFs as you are repairing the damage after it has already occurred.

Type 3 - Strengthening Biofield - Natural crystals or products infused with BFIT have frequencies which strengthen and align the bodies energetic fields. This helps the body naturally heal itself. Again the damage has already occurred in your body and this only focuses on improving the body’s natural healing response.

Type 4 - Grounding - Grounding does not protect at all against EMFs but like Shieldite which needs to be discharged from a buildup of EMFs so does your body. Grounding can be as simple as walking barefoot on grass/ dirt or touching anything that is grounded. If you are using Shieldite you will not require this as there won't be any EMF build up in your body. It is important to understand as you do need to ground your Shieldite!

Of course the best combination is to use all these ways to combat EMF s together to receive the best results. This is as simple as using Shieldite ( type 1 ) with an iyashi bracelet or pendants ( type 2 and 3) and then grounding your shieldite daily ( type 4 ).  To learn more please read How Much EMF Protection Do I Need?.

Comparing EMFs Transmuting products

Shieldite is the best solution for transmuting EMFs because it is always calibrated to the magnetic field of the earth. As we explained in the Technology and Research the earth's frequency is always changing. Older products such as an EMF protection system that plugs into your outlets or USB drives have become less effective as they are set to transmute the EMFs to one frequency. Because they are manmade they cannot calibrate to the changing magnetic field of the earth making them less effective. A lot of these also attract EMFs but do not properly store and discharge them creating EMF leakage hotspots that can be more dangerous than the EMF themselves.
Shieldite is the final solution for EMF transmuting as it transmutes the EMFs to the current magnetic field of the earth providing you 100% protection. Through its unique molecular structure and BFIT infusion it safely stores the left over charge from the EMFs until you decide to safely discharge it through grounding.

transmuting emf protection comparison

Comparing Negative Ionic Products

Other than Shieldite the majority of Iyashi products including the Iyashi Bracelets, Pendants, Wand, and Chakra Stone have strong negative ionic outputs over 4500+ to repair your body against the EMF damage. The key to this type of protection is simply having a strong negative ionic output. Many products just use ionic powder which can be strong initially but decreases in effectiveness very quickly, as commonly seen in silicon negative ion bracelets. Iyashi products are made of solid bio-ceramics which emit strong negative ions for a lifetime. As a double benefit all these Iyashi products also incorporate infusion technology to strengthen your biofield.

negative ion bracelet emf protection comparison

Comparing Strengthening Biofield Products

The most basic form of these products are natural crystals which have specific vibrations or frequencies which align your energetic fields. Crystal healing has been used for thousands of years and has been proven very effective as specific crystals run at certain frequencies aligning different parts of your energetic field. Popular EMF protection pendants sometimes only use rose quartz and sell for upwards of $300 while you can buy the same rose quartz for only $15 elsewhere. Iyashi products are infused with thousands of these different healing frequencies so rather than just getting one which you would find in a natural crystal you receive thousands which will align your entire biofield rather than just a portion of it,.

scalar pendant emf protection comparison

Grounding comparison

Grounding is the simplest thing to do and should not cost you any money as there is no need to be grounded 24/7 if you are wearing Shieldite. The simplest way to ground is to stand on grass or dirt barefoot outside. Your house is connected to a grounding rod which if you have copper pipes will mean all your metal faucets are grounding, you can simple touch them and you will ground yourself. Also any metal electric appliances which are plugged in will also be grounded, any of their exposed metal will ground you or your Shieldite if touched. All these solutions can actually work better than grounding mats. Grounding mats use copper thread which provides some grounding but are usually not the most effective solution. If you are looking at an easy way to ground your Shieldite we do offer grounding plugs which can be used to keep Shieldite grounded and constantly discharging 24/7.

grounding emf protection comparison

Do grounding tests show you are protected from EMFs

There a lot of videos and grounding products that use a volt meter to show when using their grounding mat the reading drops to zero meaning you are protected from EMFs. This is done by sticking one of the prongs in the ground plug and then holding the other, which will give you a reading of up to a few volts. When you touch the grounding mat your voltage drops down to 0. Remember your body conducts electricity and what the meter is measuring is the difference in voltage between the ground plug ( 0 volts ) and you ( up to a few volts ). When you touch the ground the meter is now using you as a conductor between the ground plug at ( 0 volts ) and the grounding mat ( 0 volts ) which is also plugged into the ground plug, the difference is obviously 0 and that is why the reading drops. Your bodies voltage has not dropped  but simply rather than testing your voltage will bypass you and use your skin to act a conductor between the 2 ground sources. Basically this does not mean you are protected from EMFs nor does it drop your body voltage as our bodies are naturally electrical and need this voltage to stay alive.