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Iyashi Holistic Wellness Products

Iyashi Holistic Wellness Products

Find out about the other holistic wellness products we have to offer. With a wider variety of specialized energy harmonizing products you may be able to find exactly what you need to bring balance and harmony into your life.

iyashi infrared wraps

Iyashi Infrared Wraps

Iyashi wraps use 3 technologies to give you the maximum benefits along with the support of a normal wrap for any joint in the body. The Iyashi wraps combine tourmaline & germanium for far-infrared heat, magnets, and our BFIT infusion to provide the most benefits. Choose the Iyashi wrap you desire including; Ankle wrap, Elbow wrap, Knee Wrap, Neck wrap, Shoulder wrap, Lumbar support, and our wrist wraps.

chakra energy stone

Chakra Stone

The Chakra stone is a bio-ceramic disk infused with BFIT to help bring your energetic systems into full alignment. The chakra stone has a powerful negative ionic output along with other harmonizing abilities. It is a powerful tool that you can use on yourself or in the hands of holistic practitioners.

cerra alkaline antioxidant water

Cerra Alkaline Anti-oxidant Water

Cerra Water is the best clean alkaline, anti-oxidant, energized water available in the world. Using a proprietary combination of cerra-ceramics and our BFIT infusion Cerra Water raises the tap of regular tap water to 8.5-9.5 while adding negative hydroxyl ions which provide vital anti-oxidants. To top it off each Cerra cartridge is infused with BFIT so as the water flows though it is also energized as if you were using another Iyashi product. Cerra Water is only made of high quality parts including BPA free plastic and is made in the USA.


itsu sync binaural beats

Itsu Sync Brain Balancing Binaural Beats

Itsu Sync uses advanced binaural beat technology to balance your brain waves. Conditions like anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, low energy, chronic headaches, addictions and more can be caused be imbalance in our brain waves. When certain parts or the brain become over or under active problems begin to occur. Itsu Sync rebalances the brain to its natural state harmonizing your brainwaves.