Uses Of The Iyashi Wand

Uses Of The Iyashi Wand

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How To Use The Iyashi Wand

The Iyashi Wand is a tool which anyone can use, regardless of your level of expertise. The most simple and common wanding technique involves waving or circling the wand around any area which your energy field in need of repair, with distance varying anywhere between touching the skin to being an inch to two inches from the body. Further basic techniques include poking the wand repeatedly on or around a desired target-point, or simply wearing the wand close-by.

Step 1. Find out what you are wanding.; first ask:

1. Where does it hurt?
2. How did it start?
3. How long has it hurt?

Longer term and deeper issues generally takes longer to wand away, but sometimes results can be had quickly. Chronic issues tend to respond positively, but needs repeated wanding over days or weeks for best results.


Circling. Rotate your wanding hand in a clockwise direction. Hold wand tip about one inch from the skin. Three – four rotations per second is a good frequency for most people. For older people with weaker energy, you may want to begin slower starting at 1-2 rotations per second. Older people may respond slower as their bodies are usually of a higher toxicity level.

Dipping. This is an “in-out” motion of approximately 3 inches with the wand tip coming close to the skin surface. It creates an energy wave penetrating deep into the body's bio-field. Dipping works well for deep issues and has a rejuvenating effects .

Circle dip. A combination of circling and dipping usually with 3-4 circles, followed by 1-2 dips.

Crosshatching. This is a simple back and forth motion with alternating directions. Up and down for ten seconds followed by back and forth for ten seconds and so on. This action tends to loosen up and allow for drainage of toxins. Always follow with circling to finish.

Directional dipping. This is a swooping motion in the direction of energy flow.

Tip-tapping. Gently tapping the area with the wand tip in a rapid manner will help people who are energy-deprived and toxic due to working in office buildings, using cell phones, or being exposed to unhealthy environments. Wanding a glass of water in a circular motion and drinking the water will aid in the cleansing process, as internal water molecules listen more effectively to the wand energy. When wanding a glass of water, contact between the wand and the water is not necessary and no more effective than circularly wanding above and around the water.

Sidebrushing. Using the side of the wand to gently brush the skin back and forth.