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Technology And Research - Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand

Technology And Research - Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand

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The Iyashi Wand

The Iyashi Wand is a scientific subtle energy tool that has been calibrated to hold thousands of specific beneficial energy patterns, in the form of frequency formula bundles and is the only wand to incorporate Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (BFIT).  This technology optimally synchronizes the Iyashi Wand with all beneficial energy patterns, with the body’s biofields innate blueprint, rather than just a few or no frequencies.  Not only is this as beneficial as possible to the harmonization process and user of the wand, but it ensures all energetic frequencies targeted in the bio-field are symmetrically enhanced to a normalized state.

All Iyashi products are put through a rigorous set of tests in order to ensure the technology is as refined as possible. The Iyashi Wand has been VibraScan 1100 and kinesiologically tested in order to determine the responsiveness between the energetic properties of the wand, and the human bio-field. A plethora of additional test methods have also been safely conducted on plants, consumables, and inanimate objects to document the attributes of the wand. Each Original Iyashi wand contains proprietary ingredients, in addition to other standard components. These ingredients enhance the Full Spectrum infusion, and have positive harmonizing, wellness-maintaining, and harmonizing qualities that realigning your body’s energetic systems allowing it to activate and enhance the natural harmonization process of your bio-field.

BFIT, a Full Spectrum infusion technology, is the key behind the many years of success of the Iyashi Wand.   The Iyashi Wand contains a proprietary blend of semi-precious minerals, bioceramics, and crystals - mixed to a specific ratio - to allow for the highest tier of energy response possible alongside our Full Spectrum infusion.  We are proud to say that the Iyashi Wand is the best-selling wand in the modern world, and that we've been able to help improve thousands of peoples' lives and well being with our wand and other Iyashi energy products.

What is BFIT

Full Spectrum technology (BFIT) can only be found in the Iyashi wand.  Without Full Spectrum technology, a wand can only be infused to target a highly specific range of frequencies. Biometric Full Spectrum Infusion was the inspiration that came from the realization of this limitation. The Iyashi Wand, since it is on a Full Spectrum range, is not limited to any one use. This is why the Iyashi Wand is considered by professionals as both a multi-purpose holistic wellness tool as well as a highly fine-tuned harmonization tool. The second benefit to Full Spectrum technology is the energetic potency it provides; the BFIT process by which we infuse the Iyashi Wand results in a stronger set of energetic properties.

Our proprietary Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology permanently infuses the Original Iyashi wand with beneficial vibrational frequencies which retrain the body's bio-field to clean and rejuvinate itself. Imagine you were fixing the fence in your yard and you hit your thumb with the hammer. Aside from the screaming pain, your thumb would swell and your thumbnail would be damaged. Your thumb immediately goes into shock, creating pain, and toxins start building from the inflammation in damaged tissues. The vibration of your thumb starts to drop, making efficient repair difficult as it moves out of phase-lock, its innate unity with the rest of the hand.

The Original Iyashi wand holds significant beneficial energy patterns that provide effective harmonizing benefits. In other words, the affected body parts bio-field resonates with the frequencies in the wand, restoring the bio-field to its innate self. I know it sounds far-fetched but the perfect analogy is two tuning forks. If you strike one and bring another one close to it, it will resonate and begin to ring just like the first fork.


Iyashi Infusion and VibraScan 1100 Testing

Individual Batches
Iyashi wands, bracelets and pendants go through small-batch infusion processes in order to ensure optimum quality and effectiveness. We cannot show you our proprietary BFIT and its process but once the product is cleaned, it is put through a very specific infusion process under very precise conditions. Once each product is infused, it moves on to the Vibrascan testing to ensure the product meets our high standards of efficiency and effectiveness.
line iyashi pendant vibrascan tested
iyashi pendant vibrascan tested line
BFIT Infusion
We have spent thousands of hours developing the energy signatures found in our wands, pendants, and bracelets. Our unique full-spectrum technology emits thousands of unique subtle energy frequencies that the bio-field recognizes and responds tos. These subtle energy patterns are made from thousands of individual frequencies which relate to different parts of the bio-field. After our wands have been infused, each is individually tested on a VibraScan1100 by a trained technician to ensure their energy levels are absolutely correct.
VibraScan 1100 Testing
Medical gloves are worn during the entire testing process to minimize subtle energy passage from the technician into the wands. The Iyashi wands are finely tuned energetic instruments which are highly responsive when close to or in contact with someone. We keep our EMF protection Shieldite in the testing room during the testing process to eliminate any EMF and other subtle energy contamination, and ensure the wands maintain their correct calibration during the infusion process.
line iyashi pendant vibrascan testing
iyashi pendant certification line
Once each Iyashi wand is tested, it is placed in its own box with an authenticity card. Each card is imbedded with a special bio-ceramic powder in order to act as a negative ion generator; this gives the customer a free continuous source of negative ions that they can carry in a pocket. Iyashi Bracelets, Iyashi Pendants, undergo similar finishing treatments. Products are sent to our fulfillment house centers in White Rock BC, Canada and Blaine Washington, USA to be shipped to you.

VibraScan 1100 Testing

We have tested over three hundred separate zero point energy wands on the market, including different brands such as the "Amega Wand", "Auric Energy Wand", "Nano Wand", "Original Japanese Energy Wand", and many others. Many of these wands are claiming to be full spectrum wands, but our tests still show they are not. Wellness is our passion, and energy harmonization is our field of expertise; we pride ourselves in bringing you the most effective and most extensively researched energy harmonization technology on the market. Watch the VibraScan1100 video below to see how other wands compare to the Iyashi Wand.

The VibraScan 1100 is a device which measures the energy strength of alternative wellness products which deal with energy patterns. The VibraScan 1100 can determine the strength of a number of parameters in wellness products. Energetic output strength is a key component of any wellness tool, and without a high energetic output, there will be little effect on the issue for which the zero point energy wand is being used. The Iyashi Wand has the highest energetic output of any wand on the market to date, making it the most ideal wand in terms of overall effectiveness. Alongside our Full Spectrum technology, the Iyashi research and development team has devised proprietary technology that will support and enhance the body’s bio-fields innate harmonization ability and encourage the return of vibrant well being.