Iyashi Wand - Comparison of other zero point energy wands

Iyashi Wand - Comparison of other zero point energy wands

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Quality And Value Of The Iyashi Wand

The Iyashi Wand is infused in Canada, and each wand is inspected to meet the high Iyashi standards before being packaged and shipped. The Iyashi Wand meets our company's Triple-A standard for wand excellence: the materials within the wand hold energetic properties permanently. Unlike other wands, the Iyashi Wand is also infused with a Full Spectrum frequency package, using Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology. The leading competitor’s wands tend to incorporate materials which emit some frequencies at particular ends of the energetic frequency spectrum, which is a now old and limited approach to wand manufacturing and performance.

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Quality and value are wrapped up in one ultimate package. The Iyashi Full Spectrum technology which is infused into the Iyashi Wand cuts out the possibility of producing imbalances of energy patterns which could happen by using a wand which is specific to only one or two frequencies. It has been shown that incoherencies in the energy field happen in either the high or low end of the energy spectrum due to emotional trauma. By only addressing limited frequencies, harmonization is virtually impossible. The Iyashi Wand contains a proprietary blend of semi-precious minerals, bio-ceramics, and crystals - mixed to a specific ratio - to allow for the highest tier of energy response possible alongside our Full Spectrum BFIT infusion.

As with all Iyashi products, the Iyashi Wand comes with a fully comprehensive product guarantee. Every wand comes with a lifetime guarantee: if you ever find an energetic problem with your wand, just send your wand in to us and you will have the option of a brand new wand replacement, or re-infusion, free of charge. We also provide a 30-day money back guarantee policy; if you are not happy with your wand, just send it back and we will refund the cost of your wand in full. We guarantee all wands are shipped free of defects, and we offer a 1-week no questions asked replacement period if you find that your wand has been scuffed, dented, or damaged.