Technology & Research - Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants

Technology & Research - Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants

Our two series of Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants combine the following different technologies.

Technologies used in the Iyashi Negative Ion Pendants: Iyashi Ceramics + Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology.

Technologies used in the Crystal Series Iyashi Pendants: Natural Crystals + Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology.


Iyashi Ceramics in Negative Ion Iyashi Pendants

Iyashi Ceramics is the material in our negative ion series of scalar pendants. The Iyashi Ceramics are crushed into a concentrated powdered and put inside the metal casing of the pendant. Iyashi Ceramics start by using a selection of crystals and crystalline minerals. These are taken and heated to 3000F degrees until they reach a liquid state and then are cooled. This process of heating and cooling is repeated 9 times. This is considered a “Fusion” process as all the different crystals are fused together into a ceramic material. This creates the material we use which is either hardened into a mold of our pendant or inserted inside a metal casing. By repeating the process 9 times it creates a higher quality even distribution of the different crystals. This material carries many of the properties of the original crystals and other minerals used including.

  • -Negative Ionic output
  • -Far-infrared energy
  • -Natural vibrational frequencies of the crystals used.
scalar energy pendant infusion process


Crystal Energies in Crystal Series Iyashi Pendants

We use a variety of different crystals in our new series of Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants. Each of these crystals has their own unique subtle energy based on the composition of the crystal. Most crystals are “quartz” based but vary depending on the combinations of different elements and minerals that are present. Crystals have been used for thousands of years as subtle energy tools due to their innate properties. Each crystal carries its own select set of vibrational frequencies, this is the natural scalar energy found in the crystal. When we infuse the crystals with our full spectrum of frequencies there is overlapping in the infused frequencies and the natural vibrational frequencies found in the crystal. Our full spectrum infusion is based on natural frequencies to being with, so naturally it will contain some of the same vibrational frequencies originally found in the crystals.

The full spectrum infusion process helps amplify the already existing energies making them more dominant. This leaves the crystal still retaining is natural healing properties but also having the benefits of the underling full spectrum infusion process. You now have the choice of a unique Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendant while still receiving the benefits of the full spectrum infusion.

iyashi ceramic technology


Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology in all Iyashi Pendants

Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology, BFIT for short, is a method in which we infuse subtle energy patterns (This is the Scalar Energy also known as vibrational frequencies) into the pendant. A vibrational frequency is similar to the energy that comes from a crystal. What BFIT does is infuse over 18000+ benefits frequencies into the pendant making it more powerful the just a single crystal alone.

Everything and everyone carries a vibrational frequency and when we are sick or in pain our vibrational frequency lowers, when we introduce the correct frequency to the body it will raise up to the correct level which allows the body to naturally heal itself. This is how the Iyashi Pendant works as it carries over 18000+ beneficial healing frequencies that fully cover all aspects of the body rather than just a small spectrum of healing frequencies.

Infused in Individual Batches BFIT Infusion
iyashi pendant vibrascan tested iyashi pendant vibrascan tested


What is Scalar Energy?

The vibrational frequencies are essentially the type of scalar energy infused in the pendants. Scalar energy refers to any frequency of energy which is carried through scalar waves. Our BFIT imprints these 18000+ frequencies on the scalar energy level. Scalar energy emits a field of its frequency that will fill the surrounding environment. When it passes through solid objects like yourself you pick up on that energy. When your body picks up this energy it raises it to the correct vibrational frequency realigning your bio-field. Since the scalar energy infused is a vibration it lasts forever and never depletes.

It is important that the correct scalar energy patterns are infused in the pendant. This is what makes the Iyashi Pendants so unique is they are the only ones to carry a full spectrum of these vibrational frequencies. Since scalar energy falls under the principles of quantum physics we can hold thousands of different vibrational frequencies simultaneously.

To understand what scalar energy encompasses it can in a simplistic view be seen as:

Scalar Energy = Subtle Energy = Vibrational Frequencies

Vibration Frequencies can be measured in Hetz (Hz). You may be familiar with the Shuman Resonance which is 7.83Hz. This is just one scalar energy frequency that can be carried. With our Full Spectrum Infusion we carry a complete range of these frequencies in all the different intervals as each individual frequency as a specific impact on a certain area in our body.


VibraScan 1100 Testing & Authentication

iyashi pendant vibrascan testing

The VibraScan 1100 is a device that measured subtle energy like the 18000+ healing frequencies we just infused in the Iyashi Pendants. It tests the overall vibrational frequency of the item object or person being tested. We individually test each Iyashi Pendant individually with the VibraScan 1100 to make sure it has been infused correctly.

After checking the pendants we add a serial numbered authenticity card and the matching serial number is etched onto the back of the pendant. This is simply a method to track and record all the pendants we ship have gone through the infusion process and have been checked. This authenticity card also acts as a scalar energy card as it has a thin layer of the iyashi ceramic power in it. This gives it some of the same properties as the pendant and allows it to act as its own healing device due to its powerful negative ionic output.