Technology And Research - Iyashi Negative Ion Bracelet

Technology And Research - Iyashi Negative Ion Bracelet

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How Our Bracelets Are Made

All Iyashi negative ion bracelets are made from a combination of tourmaline, crystal ceramics, and other crystals and clays to give them their color. A unique fusion process is used which involves heating these materials to over 3000F degrees and then cooling them to a solid, this process has to be repeated 9 times to create our Iyashi bracelets. After this our bracelets are then infused using BFIT, programming them with a full spectrum of beneficial subtle energy frequencies. These subtle energy frequencies use scalar energy which delivers them to your entire body.

Negative Ions

Iyashi bracelets have a powerful Ionic Stream which has been tested at over 1320 negative ions per bead. The negative ions are produced through naturally occurring piezo electric currents created by the crystals we use in the bracelets. This creates an endless supply of safe and natural negative ions. Negative ions are basically spare electrons which can connect any molecule missing an electron. Negative ions can act as an anti-oxidant neutralizing positive ions and oxidation. They act as the building blocks of all molecules in the world as everything is made of neutrons, protons and electrons. Simply they leave you feeling better.

What is BFIT?

BFIT, a quantum infusion technology, is the key behind the many years of success of all Iyashi products. Iyashi's BFIT process (which stands for “Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) involves each Iyashi Negative Ion Bracelet going through an individual infusing process. A trained Vibrascan technician then tests each bracelet individually to ensure the energetic patterns have been properly infused, and the ionic output is precise. The Iyashi Bracelet is the only scalar bracelet to bring your zero-point energy field back into phase lock. It is ideal to always keep your energy field connected to the zero point field. You are born connected (phase-locked) to the zero point field and it is through accident, emotional upsets, or aggressive energetic interventions into your field that the connection is disturbed or broken in an area of your energetic field. Using BFIT infused energy products will help harmonize your innate connection to source, instructing your innate wisdom how to harmonize your bio-field.


Iyashi Infusion and VibraScan 1100 Testing

Individual Batches
Iyashi wands, bracelets and pendants go through small-batch infusion processes in order to ensure optimum quality and effectiveness. We cannot show you our proprietary BFIT and its process but once the product is cleaned, it is put through a very specific infusion process under very precise conditions. Once each product is infused, it moves on to the Vibrascan testing to ensure the product meets our high standards of efficiency and effectiveness.
line iyashi pendant vibrascan tested
iyashi pendant vibrascan tested line
BFIT Infusion
We have spent thousands of hours developing the energy signatures found in our wands, pendants, and bracelets. Our unique full-spectrum technology emits thousands of unique subtle energy frequencies that the body's bio-field recognizes and responds to. These subtle energy patterns are made from thousands of individual frequencies which relate to different parts of the body's bio-field. After our bracelets have been infused, each is individually tested on a VibraScan1100 by a trained technician to ensure their energy levels are absolutely correct.
VibraScan 1100 Testing
Medical gloves are worn during the entire testing process to minimize subtle energy passage from the technician into the pendants. The Iyashi bracelets are finely tuned energetic instruments which are highly responsive when close to or in contact with oneself. We keep our EMF protection Shieldite in the testing room during the testing process to eliminate any EMF and other subtle energy contamination, and ensure the pendants maintain their correct calibration during the infusion process.
line iyashi pendant vibrascan testing
iyashi pendant certification line
Once each Iyashi bracelet is tested, it is placed in its own box with an authenticity card. Each card is imbedded with a special bio-ceramic powder in order to act as a negative ion generator; this gives the customer a free continuous source of negative ions that they can carry in a pocket. Iyashi Wands, Iyashi Pendants, undergo similar finishing treatments. Products are sent to our fulfillment houses to be shipped to you.